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day four: kcw february 2016

day four: kcw feb 2016

Welcome to day four of KCW!

kcw feb 2016: day four featured garments

1. elevation hoodie by Tami 2. mish-mash moto pants by Gemia 3. sporty way by Yolanda 4. billie by Ann 

The boys are making a good show of it today! Skirts are quick and fun to sew, but boys need clothes too! Sewing for boys is always a bit more involved than sewing for girls. Check out those lime green encircled grommets! I don’t even know how Yolanda pulled that off, but it’s super awesome.  That effort is usually* rewarded by your boys wearing the heck out of their handmade.

*unless they have decided to be stinkers that day:)

kcw feb 2016: day four featured garments

1. cocoon dress by Lies 2. crocodile sweater by Natalie 3. dinosaur origami trousers by An 4. mr. roboto skirt by Roxanne 

You might be up to your elbows in laundry and dishes and half-finished projects, but don’t dispair! There is plenty of time yet. Commit to an hour today and then come back tomorrow refreshed and ready to sew!  the winner is...

The winner of the  the Oliver + S and Sew Modern giveaway is Soumya from a little paper boat. Congratulations Soumya, you have won the a digital pattern from Oliver + S and 1 yard of fabric from Sew Modern! 

Happy KCW!!


day four: kcw october 2015

day four: kcw october 2015

Welcome to day four of Kid’s Clothes Week. The project pool is blowing up with all of your handmade creations! It is really quite spectacular. Picking just a few to feature today was difficult, to say the least. Make sure you give KCWers some love with favorites and comments. Everyone needs a little encouragement!

day four: kcw october 2015

1. winterjas by Nelleke 2. knight hoodie mashup by Alisa 3. warm inside by Naii 4. green zebras by Sylvia 

These sewers especially deserve your applause. Sewing a coat is no small task. Sewing a coat and making it look as professional as these women did deserves a standing ovation! The best quote of the week comes from that sweetheart in the cozy pink coat. After putting the coat on she said, “Mom, it’s actually not a jacket but a hug which also hugs me when I want comfort.” This little girl expressed so beautifully why we sew and managed to tie it in with the KCW theme. Someone give that kid a cookie!

day four: kcw october 2015

1. upcycled tranformers tee by Jenny 2. animal knee patch by Karly 3. houndstooth pants by Shelly 4. everyday wear by Amelia 

Just because you didn’t tackle a winter coat–or can’t even image thinking you could–doesn’t mean the clothes you are making are not difficult. The first time I ever made a pair of pants, the pattern pieces were an impossible puzzle I couldn’t believe fit together to make pants. No matter where we are with our sewing skills, there is always something that seems impossible. It might be pants, or knits, or zippers, or coats. Every seam brings you a little closer to making what you once thought was impossible. Go you!

the winner of the KCW giveaway

The winner of the Imagine Gnats giveaway is Cherise Tower. Congratulations, Cherise, you have won a $50 gift certificate to the Imagine Gnats fabric shop. Time for a little shopping spree!

Have you done the Made by Rae scavenger hunt yet? Well what are you waiting for? It’s our last scavenger hunt and today could be your lucky day! You could win 5 PDF pattern from Made by Rae. You can possibly have all of Rae’s patterns, can you?!

day four: kcw june 2015

day four: kcw june 2015

Welcome to day four of Kid’s Clothes Week! Are you still chugging along? Sewing into the wee hours, with perhaps some liquid courage to get you through the rough patches? Whatever it is you are doing keep doing it, because the clothes you are making are phenomenal!

day four: kcw june 2015 // featured garments

1. upcycle tee by Shivika 2. sisterhood of the traveling shorts by Elise 3. romper by Polly 4. class picnic shorts by Crystal

Because so many of you are sewing up shorts this season, Rachel from Imagine Gnats asked me to tell you about her Shorts on the Line contest. You can enter your homemade shorts and possibly even win a ridiculous amount of prizes! If you’re making shorts this week, why not give it a go?

day four: kcw june 2015 // featured garments

1. happy camper by Mel 2. passport lotta skirt by Gail 3. nighttime adventurer by Jenny 4. british summer dress by Rebecca

I am delighted with the TRAVELING themed clothes that are popping up in the project pool. Cute little campers and compass pjs! And my goodness, the British Summer Dress pictured above has so many gorgeous details: the pockets are the front and back of a postcard, the photo is of the sewer’s mom and aunt at the beach, and there is an embroidered heart over England. Amazing! You guys are absolutely amazing!

the winner of the KCW giveaway


The winner of the Pattern Workshop giveaway is Amy! Congratulations, Amy, you have won the Creating PDF Patterns: from Sketch to Sale class! If you didn’t win, don’t worry Lauren is offering a discount for all KCW blog readers! Enter code KCWSUMMER20!5 to get $10 off your enrollment in the Creating PDF Patterns e-course. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires at 11:59pm PST on June 30, 2015.  

Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the Zonen 09 giveaway! Good luck and Happy KCW!