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day one: kcw february 2016

day one: kcw feb 2016

Welcome to the first day of KCW! Whether you are still in the icy grasp of winter or trying to hold on to the last days of summer, it’s time to fire up your sewing machine! You don’t have to make a whole wardrobe in a week. You just have to work for an hour each day: printing & taping patterns, mixing & matching different fabrics, ironing fabric, cutting fabric, pinning, sewing, or hemming. Whew! Sewing is a lot of work!

kcw feb 2016: day one featured garments

1. polka dot skirt by Tereza 2. classic picnic shorts by Ann 3. add some ears to your raglan by Rita & Fatima 4. panda joggers by Amy 

But the reward is gorgeous handmade clothes like these. Polka shirts and cute little mouse shirts! What could be better? Have you finished something already? (I haven’t!) Are you working with the TOYS! theme this season? (I’m not sure.) Are you excited? (I am!!!)

I was featured on KCW! feb 2016

If your work gets featured on the KCW blog, well then, this little badge is for you. You can put it on your blog, your instagram, your facebook, wherever you internet. Or print it out and hang on your wall! If your garment doesn’t end up on the blog, no worries. It will end up on your kid and that’s what KCW is all about!

the winner is...

The winner of the Megan Nielsen giveaway is Nathalie B.! Congratulations, Nathalie, you have won three mini Megan Nielsen patterns and their Yes I Sew tote bags! Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the Made by Rae & Imagine Gnats giveaway. Good luck and Happy KCW!

day one: kcw october 2015

day one: kcw october 2015

Welcome to the first day of KCW! I’m always nervous on the first day. Will people sew along? Do they like the theme? I never know until the first day. But oh my goodness, this might be the best first day ever. You are absolutely killing it right out of the gate!

day one: kcw october 2015 // featured garments

1. louisa coat by Stannel 2. school belle skort by Audrey 3. play dress disguised as dolce & gabbana by Miranda  4. what does the fox say pajamas by Maartje 

This collage shows four different takes on the DISGUISE theme: a dress pattern disguised as a coat, a skirt that disguises some fantastic shorts, a simple dress disguised as a designer’s creation, and cute little foxes wearing disguises! Why do I ever doubt you? I should know by now that you are an amazing and talented bunch of sewers. Every season you wow me more than the one before!

Now, I know these sewers did not whip up pjs and dresses and coats in an hour. But once they got started I’m guessing they couldn’t stop. So if you are staring at a pile of fabrics right now, don’t get discouraged. You might sit down and get so excited about what you are making that hours pass and you don’t even notice. The only thing that matters is that you start. Take it one day, one hour, at a time.

the winner of the KCW giveaway The winner of the Oliver + S giveaway is Darcy S. Congratulation Darcy, you have won 3 patterns of your choice from Oliver + S! Your to-sew list just got a little longer:)

Have you done the Miss Matatabi scavenger hunt yet? What are you waiting for? It could be your lucky day! An $80 gift certificate to the Miss Matatabi etsy shop is just sitting there waiting for someone to win it!


day one: kcw june 2015

day one: kcw june 2015

Welcome to day one of Kid’s Clothes Week! Here in the Midwest, we are in the midst of a huge summer thunderstorm–the perfect time to hunker down in front of the sewing machine. But no matter if you are sweating away in the South or cuddled up by the fire in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s always the right time to sew when it’s KCW!

day one: kcw june 2015 // featured garments1. margaret summer dress by Jenni 2. trout vacation shirt by Ann 3. long summer sundress by Kristi 4. lars jacket for Jules by ItsMie

These people got so excited to sew that they have beautiful clothes done and photographed already! Don’t get discouraged, those Australians! they have a whole day on us! I am just getting started: making piles and picking patterns. How about you? Have you already cut everything out? Or are you jumping in cold?!

I was featured on the KCW blog // JUNE 2015


Every day during KCW, we pick our favorites for that day. If your garment gets featured, be sure to grab this badge and slap it on your blog so the whole world knows. If your garment doesn’t end up on the blog, whatever. It will end up on your kid and that’s what KCW is all about!

the winner of the KCW giveaway

The winner of the Kid’s Clothes Week giveaway is Misia Mould! Congratulations, Misia, you have won a KCW t-shirt, KCW tote bag, set of KCW cards, and a cut & sew neck pillow shaped like a sewing machine! If you didn’t win, but you would like to have some awesome KCW swag, check out our Society6 shop and our Spoonflower store.

Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the UpCraft Club giveaway.