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day seven: kcw feb 2016

The last day of Kid’s Clothes Week is here! Are you covered in bits of thread and fabric? Up to your eyeballs in laundry and dirty dishes? Proud that you carved out a little time each day to sew? I’m guessing the answer is, “yes, all of the above.”

kcw feb 2016: day seven featured garments

1. dress with a face by Jo Bee 2. fox dress by Elke 3. theo zonen09 rabbits by Jessie 4. chambray joggers by Lindsay 

In this world of 2 dollar t-shirts, sitting down to cut, iron, hem, sew our kids’ clothes is a bold act. People who don’t sew may think you are a bit odd, but they don’t know the satisfaction of setting a snap, or the joy of an automatic buttonholer, or having a neckline turn out perfectly, or making clothes that fit your kids bodies and personalities just right. Making time in your life for this creative and revolutionary feet is worthy of much praise. Pat yourselves on the back! You are making gorgeous clothes for your kids and sticking it to the man!

kcw feb 2016: day seven featured garments

1. louisa dress by Natalie 2. sherbert surplice by Masha 3. spring coat with wings by Trijn 4. sudadera halcon milenario by Naii 

It’s so wonderful to have this KCW community where people don’t think I’m odd for spending my time sewing kid clothes. Head over to the project pool and  pat everyone on the back with a comment or two, telling them how amazing their creations are. And if you haven’t uploaded your garments yet, do! I want to feature all the fabulous stuff you made on the big KCW round up post next week.

kcw feb 2016: day seven featured garments


soft toy by Nicoletta 

Seems fitting to end this TOYS! themed week with an actual toy:) This sweet fuzzy bunny makes me eager for spring!

day seven: kcw october 2015

day seven: kcw october 2015

You did it! You made it through another KCW. A bit of sewing everyday took you from just thinking about what you could make to holding a one-of-a-kind creation that you did make! Not everyone has the wherewithal or the stick-to-it-ness to do that. You should be proud of yourself.

day seven: kcw october 2015

1. all the scraps tee by Kama 2. batman hat by Anna 3. wolf sweater by Nathalie 4. noah’s stripey harems by Jenny 

You should be proud of yourself even if all you sewed is an ill-fitting t-shirt with wavy seams. Everywhere you look these days people are talking about how great it is to fail; how we should fail more and “fail better.” While this might feel bold to say and inspirational to hear, mostly I think it’s bullsh*t. Failing sucks and it feels even suckier. When the shirt you spent hours making for your four-year old looks like your four-year old made it, it’s pretty unrealistic that you are going to say, “Wow, look how great I failed!”

You can cry about the failure (I usually do) or laugh it off or go all Edward Scissorhands on that crappy shirt. You don’t have to like failing, but you do have to start again the next day. I want KCW to teach you, and to teach me, that one failure or even 100 failures doesn’t mean you can’t start again.

day seven: kcw october 2015

1. disguise the fact that you can’t iron for shit tunic by Shelley 2. two in one ole jacket by Joke 3. wild thing recess raglan by Tami 4. charlie hack by Sylvia

Once to learn this (I am still trying) it becomes easier to roll with the stupid mistakes you make–and no matter how good you get you will always make stupid mistakes. Shelley did this with the floral tunic she made (pictured above). She burned a part of the fabric with her iron, then fixed it with some frilly bits. The project is titled “disguise-the-fact-that-you-can’t-iron-for-shit tunic,” which not only wins for best title ever, but it’s a cute tunic to boot!

This is failing better kind of stuff. Lemons to lemonade stuff. Sometimes I can turn lemons into lemonade, but sometimes I throw the damn lemons out and buy some nani iro to make me feel better.



day seven: kcw june 2015

day seven: kcw june 2015

Welcome to the last day of Kid’s Clothes Week. Let’s go out with a bang!

day seven: kcw june 2015 // featured garments

1. trui manou by Katelijn 2. flat front floral skirt by Lucinda 3. linen pinafore by Angela 4. tadah I made a duffle coat by Nicola 

I’m a little late getting this post up today because I was struck down with a fever yesterday. I rallied to look at the beautiful pictures of all the clothes you made. How could all these smiling kids in the their brand new duds not make you feel good? I say it every season, but seriously you guys are amazing!

day seven: kcw june 2015 // featured garments

1. paper planes by Brittney  2. rainbow fawn lily by Raphelle 3. geeky glasses by Karly 4. coral bow bandeau by Melissa

I’ve been busy (and now sick) so even though I did a bunch of sewing, I don’t have anything photographed. If you are like me and haven’t gotten your clothes up on the KCW site, now’s the time to get those suckers up there! I’ll be back later this week with a big wrap up of the season and I want to feature your clothes!