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day two: kcw february 2016

day two: kcw feb 2016

Have you ever seen so much happy in one place! I mean look at these kids! When it’s way past your bedtime and you are swearing at the sewing machine, try to remember the uncontainable joy that is a kid in handmade clothes made just for them. Granted you might also get an uncontrolable fit when the pants are TOO ITCHY!!! or the shirt is TOO RED!!! It is a gamble after all, but when you win, you win big!

kcw feb 2016: day two featured garments

1. having fun by Mareike 2. penguins 1.0 by Roxanne 3. a childhood tribute by Becca 4. rainbow bright by Jodie 

The project pool is slowly starting to fill up. There are a few TOYS! themed projects here and there. I can’t wait to see what you come up with–you guys always surprise me!

kcw feb 2016: day two featured garments

1. micky mouse by Lies 2. vintage pillowcase turned cute little top by Amy 3. slimleg leggings by Eulalia 4. sudadera bb8 by Naii

Be sure to check out Facebook for some KCW chats and Instagram for all the in progress shots.  If you look at the hashtag #kidsclothesweek you’ll start thinking, “ooo! that’s a good idea!” and “my kid could do that!” and “oh yeah, I own that pattern!” And suddenly you have a few more to-sew items on your list.  Let yourself get swept up in the creative momentum! Who knows where it will take you.

the winner is...


The winner of the Made by Rae & Imagine Gnats giveaway is Boevenbende! Congratulations, Boevenbende, you have won 2 digital patterns from Made by Rae and 1 yard of knit fabric from Imagine Gnats! Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the Brooklyn Pattern Co. & Miss Matatabi giveaway.

Good luck and Happy KCW! 


day two: kcw june 2015

day two: kcw june 2015

Welcome to day two of Kid’s Clothes Week! Are you starting to get into things? Maybe even have a few finished garments under your belt? If you are wondering how people finish things so fast, I have one word for you: shorts!

day two: kcw june 2015 // featured garments

1. national park shorts by Carolyn 2. melon by Mel 3. ishi by Shivika 4. short orange bus tour by Ornella 

Shorts can be crazy quick, like three seams quick! I’m pretty smitten with the national park shorts Carolyn made, pictured above. It shows that simple can be stunning too. And she nailed the TRAVELING theme! The camper fabric Eva used to make her son’s button up shirt (pictured below) is perfect for the theme too. The striped green piping takes the whole project up a notch.

day two: kcw june 2015 // featured garments

1. caravan shirt by Eva 2. black and white shorts by Ornella 3. bubble skirt for norah by Maja 4. shorts hui hai by Naii

 Whether you are making simple shorts or skirts, or diving into a more complex project, remember it’s just a little bit everyday. KCW is all about letting yourself get swept up in the creative momentum. Who knows where it will take you!

the winner of the KCW giveaway

The winner of the UpCraft Club is Stirling! Congratulations, Stirling, you have won a $40 gift card to the UpCraft Club shop! If you didn’t win, you can still get a free pattern from UpCraft Club by signing up for a membership today! Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the Oliver + S giveaway. Good luck and Happy KCW!

day two: kcw april 2015

day two: kcw april 2015

Sometimes when I look through the KCW project pool, I want to run to my studio and sew. Other times, I want to sink so deep into the couch that I disappear. I think, “Why didn’t I think of that? Why can’t I sew that fast? Why do my kids throw fits when I take the camera out?” I want to show you these amazing clothes, but I don’t want you to lose hope.

It’s only the second day and I have 1. made shorts that don’t fit my daughter and 2. want to hide from the pants I’m working on because I’m so nervous about the next step. For all the pretty pictures you see in the pool, just remember there are many more not so pretty things that came first.

day two: kcw april 2015

1. fox otium top by Janelle 2. daisy tunic by Angela 3. pintando con lejia by naii 4. foxy by Brittney 

But the pretty! Oh it is so pretty. Foxes (lots of foxes!) and dinosaurs, kitties and bunnies, there are so many WILD THINGS out there! I absolutely love how you have taken this theme and run with it.

day two: kcw april 2015

1. cockatoo fawn lily by Rita & Fatima 2. cat sweater by Jenny 3. bunny slippers by Mel 4. wild things summer dress by Krista

The color palate this season seems to be brights tempered with lots of gray. Perfect for spring where is sunny one day and rainy the next–or both in one day! What colors are you drawn to lately?

the winner of the KCW giveawayThe winners of the Made by Rae giveaway are Nicola, Crystal, Claire, Brigitte, and Bonnie ! Congratulations to all of you. You have each won the new Made by Rae PDF pattern, Moon Pants! Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the Blaverry giveaway. Good luck and Happy KCW!