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why I Sew- Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts

Hi, Stacey here today to tell you about why I sew.  Honestly, this should really be titled, “Why Don’t I Sew” because I could probably ramble on for a book’s length about why I do sew.


 1.  Zippered Dragon Vest        2.  Schoolboy Vest        3.  Angry Bird Backpack          4.  Cowlneck Bimma Sweater

I started sewing to keep my creative juices flowing after an abrupt life change from full-time teacher to stay-at-home mom as an expat in a foreign country.  After having an entire school’s worth of teachers to interact with each day, as well as my own students, the stay-at-home life felt extremely isolating. In those first years of living overseas, it felt like my entire life revolved around wiping snotty noses, changing diapers, and meeting the demands of caring of a family.  Add the stress of a new culture and language and I was begging for a creative outlet.  Some thing that was wholly mine and sewing fit the bill.  


 1.  Prepster Pullover         2.  Bear Hoodie         3.  Hulk Inspired Convertible Pants            4.  Winter Wonderland Collection

Things are a little different now.  Now that two boys are off to school full time and one is in half day Kindergarten, I have a little more free time.  I still sew as a creative outlet but it also fills a burning desire to learn more and perfect the sewing skills I’ve acquired.  I love the act of taking a piece of fabric, designing a garment, and molding it into my own vision. There is something so affirming about creating a wearable garment.  I gain a feeling of accomplishment from each and every piece I finish and even more so when I come across something that’s been a challenge (aka; the seam ripper appeared a LOT.)


 1.  Bimma Sweater and Harem Pants         2.  Lillestoff Dragon Vest          3.  Dachshund Pajamas          4.  Inverted Triangle T-shirt

The contacts and friends I’ve made also drive my sewing.  It’s wonderful to have found a community of women with the same interests, whose own projects inspire me to continue pushing myself as a seamstress.   I add things to try to my list of things to sew every week- doubly so when it’s Kid’s Clothes Week.

Sewing is one of the great passions in my life.  It’s something that can break me out of a funk and always challenges me.  Sewing makes me happy and that, truly, is the most important reason I sew.

How about you?  Why do YOU sew?  Do you have trouble finding ready to wear clothing that fits well?  Do you sew for a sense of stress relief?  Do you sew for your business or because it makes you happy to give handmade gifts?  I want to know.  Why do YOU sew?

day two: kcw october 2015

day two: kcw october 2015

Welcome to day two of Kid’s Clothes Week! The project pool is filling up with amazing disguises, clothes with little disguised details, and just flat-out fantastic handmade duds.

day two: kcw october 2015 // featured garments

1. C3P0 by Marnae 2. deer cat suit by Melissa 3. everything old is new again by Brienne 4. obi wan by Naii 

The C3PO outfit just blew me away! Who ever thought a costume for a shiny, gold, metal droid could be comfy–or cute! It almost makes me want a gold spandex outfit for myself…almost. That sweet fox in hot pink trainers is wearing an old dress disguised as a new one. Brienne simply sewed a wide panel on the bottom of a too short dress and voila! See this theme isn’t all costumes and spandex:) Ooo, maybe our next theme should be gold spandex!

day two: kcw october 2015 // featured garments

1. a rhino rowan by Kama  2. grey dance outfit by Monica 3. julia dress by Querida 4. elephant tee shirt by Marta 

Comfy seems to be the big trend this season. I hope there aren’t people out there who are scared of knits. They are super fun to work with and your kids will love wearing them. Starting with thicker knits (interlock or french terry for example) and making pants is a good way to get started with knits. Don’t start with a tissue thin jersey! There will be too many tears and KCW is not about making you cry. But then again, it’s not all wine and straight seams either:)

I was featured on KCW // october 2015

Sorry, I forgot to give you this badge yesterday. If your work is pictured above, or featured any time this season, please slap this badge on your blog and tell everyone how awesome you are.

the winner of the KCW giveaway

The winner of the Miss Matatabi giveaway is Alissa Schade. Congratulation Alissa, you have won an $80 gift certificate to the Miss Matatabi etsy shop. Have fun filling up your shopping cart! We are all green with envy.

Have you done the Chateau Sew & Sew scavenger hunt yet? What are you waiting for? It could be your lucky day! You could win 5 yards of some gorgeous Cotton + Steel fabric. How can you say no to that?!

announcing the fall 2015 kcw season

the fall 2015 season!

School is in. Hot weather is out. And a new season of KCW is here! Mark your calendars because the official challenge week this fall is October 19-25. Before then we will have inspiration galore on the blog. There will be gorgeous photos to get you excited to sew, beautiful fabrics you’ll discover you need, and patterns and tutorials to get you started. There will be plenty of time to dream of sewing before we get down to it and sew each day of KCW!

announcing the fall 2015 kcw season

Maybe your lists of things to sew is so incredibly long you don’t know where to start. Maybe you need a little nudge in one direction to get going? That’s what are themes are for! And this season’s theme is pretty fantastic (if I do say so myself):  DISGUISE!  Kids love to dress up like ninjas, mailmen, ballerinas, cooks, mom and dad. Children love to become anyone and anything. My daughter once dressed up as a stick–and was very pleased with herself:)

Harness the power of make-believe and sew something fantastic! It might be a costume or it might not. Let the theme take you where it will.

announcing the fall 2015 kcw season

A few things about KCW themes:

  • you absolutely don’t have to sew something that conforms to the theme
  • if you want to use the theme, you feel like you have to apply it to everything you make
  • you can interpret the theme any way you like
  • don’t worry, our contributors will give you some ideas about how you can use the themes

There really is only one rule for KCW: sew 1 hour a day for 7 days. Are you ready?! Well make it official! Click here to sign up for the June 2015 season. After you sign up, grab a button to put on your blog, or twitter, or Facebook, or Intstagram. The more people we can get to sew along, the more exciting KCW is!

Happy KCW!