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New KCW Community Feature: To-Make Lists

In our minds, Kids Clothes Week is as much about the process as the final product. We want the KCW Community site to be a place to show off finished projects and also to organize your thoughts about sewing for your kids. To better support this process-style thinking, we’ve added To-Make lists to the KCW site!

What does this mean? It means you can add a project to the KCW site before you have done a thing – when it’s just a fabric twinkle in your eye. You can check off steps in the process as you move through your week of making (Have you traced your pattern? Have you cut your fabric?), and when you’ve checked them all off, you can share your project with us all. These lists are for your eyes only, but when you’re all done you can click a button to move all your information to a public project.

We love the tiny satisfaction that comes with checking an item off a list, and we hope you’ll love this feature!


I want to make some pants for my baby nephew. I go to the “ADD” menu and select “add TO-MAKE LIST”, then I fill out the simple form. (Note: Only a project name and pattern/self-drafted are required to start.)

list screen A

Then, I’m taken to my To-Make list where I can add progress or fabric pile photos. This is also where I can check off items as I go.

list screen B

When my project is complete, I click “I’m Done!”, and I’m prompted to turn my list into a project.

list screen C

All my project data is brought over to my new project, and it is shared in the Projects pool.

list screen D

You can find all your in-progress lists on your Dashboard. Scroll down!

list screen E