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boy swimsuit trends 2019

Hey guys! As part of the next two swimsuit weeks, we’re dedicating this week to boys, and today, we’re discussing trends! It’s hard to trend boy’s swimsuits. Styles seem to stay pretty consistent throughout several years for boys. Which is nice, since if you’re one of those that sew so that things last more then just one summer, that means that your makes will last a long time and still in style!

1 / 2 / 3

Even with boys, there’s quite a few different styles you can opt to go with, be it shorter board shorts, a knee length short, a tighter brief or speedo look or even a one piece. There’s just a lot of options available and it all comes down to what style you’re looking to do. I’ve noticed a lot of blues this year in what’s being sold in store and it reflects in the trends pieces I found online as well. Like the above pictures though, it’s also nice to see little pops of more muted colours as well, be it with tone on tone blues like on the right, or a fun print of pastels with a quirky print like in the middle picture. I’m also digging seeing a bit of pink on blue like on the left and those mini stripes and purple! For those that are worried that it would be to feminine, the cooler tones still give it a boy vibe, and sometimes slight print can also add to that.

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One of the things that always seems to be popular with boys are shark prints! Sharks are a definite symbol of going to the beach, they’re on almost everything from floatie and waveboards to sunglasses and chairs, so why shouldn’t they be on swimsuits as well?!? And honestly, what boy doesn’t like sharks?? Again, you can find shark print on blues, but it’s also fun to see thing in other colours as well, a gray for example, even a non traditional, bolder colour would also make for a fun swimsuit!

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And finally stripes!!! You can never go wrong with a striped swimsuits. Every year, new colour combinations seem to pop up and bring these swimsuits to life. From ombre toned suits, to a bolder colour combination and even adding a prints in the mix like the black and white trunks on the right. You can use these as inspiration to create your own colour blocking or you can find a stripes print that suits your needs. This is probably one of the more versatile looks that you can find!

I hope this has helped to inspire you to sew some swim trunks! Check back tomorrow for some pattern inspiration to help bring your ideas to life. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for your chance at one of these amazing prize packs!

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sewing for easter: outfit inspiration for boys

No matter how you spend your Easter, wether it’s going to church, a Sunday brunch or just hanging out and having an egg hunt with your kids, it’s always nice to dress your kids in a little something special. I’ve put together a few inspiration looks for boys, followed by patterns choices that could help you replicate these looks.

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If you’re into a more formal Easter, you might want to sew something that’s a little more dressy. Button ups and a pair of dress pants are always good basics for a formal look, paired with a blazer or a vest or even a simple bowtie or necktie.

clockwise from top left 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

From a button up onesie for you littlest one, to a suit jacket and tie for your oldest, there’s definitely some great pattern options out there, for example, Oliver + S’s sketchbook shirt is a great pattern to base any look off of, or if you’re hoping to have a button up for your baby, the Max and Matilda Button-Up Bodysuit from Peekaboo Patterns really fits the bill! From there, you just need to choose wether you want to add a vest or a blazer, or just pair it with a tie.

1 | 2 | 3

At our house, we don’t really do full formal wear. We might do a Sunday brunch, which means if I tell the boys they need to dress nice, they’ll tend to sit in this zone, a more casual dressy. They usually go with these type of pants or if its hot out they’ll wear a khaki or dressy short.

clockwise from top left 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

For this, I find that as long as you have a nice trouser pattern, you can really do just about anything with it. You can pair them with a more casual button up or a polo shirt, layer it with a cardigan, a pullover or even a knit vest to add some personality.

1 | 2 | 3

But in all honesty, at our house for the most part, we’re pretty low key on Easter, yes the kids might dress up for a Sunday brunch or an Easter dinner. But if we’re staying home, as long as they’re dressed in clean clothes then I’m usually happy. A skinny jean and a tee are pretty much the basics. Sometimes I’ll also get them special tees that have saying on them or are a bit more easter themed.

clockwise from top left 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

For this, I’ll tend to go with basic patterns I love. Starting with a good skinny jean pattern, like the Jagger Jeans, which you could sew up either in a dark wash or a fun colour. You could then pair it with the Mulberry tunic if you still wanted to have a woven top, which would keep your look a bit more on the causal side without being everyday. Or pair it with a good basic tee like to Yo Ho Henley. Possibly even use the Rowan tee and give it some Easter personality with a freezer paper stencil or even an iron transfer. If you’re coming up empty on ideas, here are a few of my favourite files that I found on Etsy here, here, here and here.

I hope this gets you excited to create something special for your little (or big) guy for the holiday. Chime in in the comments and let us know what your Easter sewing plans are! We’d love to hear from you!

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dressing like your toys: sarah from sarah cosper textiles


I jumped at the chance to talk about costumes for this season’s theme. You can read about my love  and angst for the creative process of costume-making. I love costumes. I love creating them. I have a stack of off-white gauze and crushed forest green velvet sitting next to my machine for this season. My fabric lady, cutting, said, “Do these go together?” “No, but Rey and Merida are favorite toys in my house,” I responded. She seemed to understand. Then I told her most everyone at my 8th grade dance wore crushed forest green velvet dresses except mine was forest green taffeta. And you could hear her blink. I am not she was even born when I went to my 8th grade dance. But she cut my fabric generously and straight. So…

Dressing up! Costumes!

You can go a few routes with dressing like your costumes which we will look at today!


Bounding is dressing in similar colors and styles of a toy or character. For example if you love Snow White you could wear a Navy shirt, yellow pants, a red headband and some apple earrings. Your clothes are inspired by Snow White, but you are not in full costume. Bounding is super popular on Pinterest and Disney characters and toys are often the focus.

Here are some subtle outfits I found that could be worn without screaming “costume”. Make a sweater with a thick collar to remind us of young Luke Skywalker.  This inspired Jedi look from my co-contributor, Karly is so fun.

KCW Bounding and Dress Up1

1. Shawl Collar  2. Jedi Inspired 

 Another idea is of a simple black vest and white shirt could also double for a Hans Solo look!


Then there are days where a full on costume is the right thing to do. My youngest can be spotted laying on the floor reading a book or building Munchkin land in her full on Glinda costume.  Or imagine Alice or Bilbo recreating their favorite stories as they build the world around them with favorite toys.

KCW Bounding and Dress Up3

1. Dorothy and Glinda 2. Bilbo 3. Alice in Wonderland


My little one asked for a fox for her birthday one year. I created the fox with a vintage pattern and took an outgrown outfit and cut it and sewed it into her favorite combination at the time, pink shirt and jeans to add to the sweet stuffed fox. Using pink knit and old denim leggings and some quick Velcro I made her new toy match her. Or you can sew an outfit to match your toy like this Miffy doll or a cute matching sweater.

KCW Bounding and Dress Up2

1. A girl and her Fox 2. Miffy 3. Cardigans Please!

There is also great inspiration for doll clothes and other toys. As always, Oliver + S has some great resources; try the Onstage Tutu Skirt or the Popover Sundress.

Are you gearing up? Have you set patterns and fabric aside? I need to clean and tidy so I can be prepared to sew.

Look at past years’ themes to help inspire as well. I thought of the seasons of Disguise, Wild Things and Storybook to aid in finding more ideas for dressing up as your favorite toys.

Which way do you lean? Are you the “subtle dress inspired by your favorite toy” parent or the “make a full cosplay costume and let my kids wear it everywhere until it is shredded” kind of parent?