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sewing toys you can wear: karly from paisley roots


Hey sewing world! I’m Karly from Paisley Roots and I’m here today to talk about incorporating toys into your kids clothing. Basically making a wearable busy book!
sewing toys you can wear!

3-D applique has seemed to be the biggest technique to emerge when I was looking around the web at inspiration. Velcro toys, movable hands, hidden toys. It’s really amazing what people have come up with!

sewing toys you can wear!

Some more fun idea’s are puppet sleeves and animal sleeves on shirts. Hidden things, like pockets and small pull out toys or race tracks on the inside of a coat are also really fun and I adore the idea of a built in sensory play mat!
sewing toys you can wear!

1. Safari Raglan  2. Playmat Dress  3. Barn Yard Chickens

There are so many idea’s out there on the web. There are even more in KCW Community. I can’t wait to see how many imaginative and amazing items that will be made this season!
printing with toys: jolanda from jurgen en shirtjens


Clothes and toy stamps

Hi everyone, it’s Jolanda of “Jurkenenshirtjes“. I would like to give you some inspirations for the Toys theme. You can think of so much ways to combine toys and children’s clothes and you can let your creativity flow! What I think is mainly the challenge when making children’s clothes is to make stylish clothes which my children like to wear. With the Toys theme this last thing won’t be a problem.


Stylishly Stamped

My eldest son preferably walks around in T-shirts with Cars, Paw Patrol or Fireman Sam on it. He has one of these in his closet. It’s one he loves and I don’t. This is because I still prefer him in more stylish clothes. Sorry if I’m not a good mom because of that. 😉

More stylishly stamped clothes I make both my son, who loves cars most, and myself happy. I have seen many brands featuring cars on shirts this summer. Bikes and boats (thinking of spring already) will do too. I could also make my son very happy with clothes which are stamped with Paw Patrol‘s signature paw print and stylish at the same time. How cool is that? Some other ideas are to use toy cars for making car tracks or building blocks for fun patterns.


Collage 11. Car stamped shirt   2. Stamping on a jumpsuit   3. Shirt with a boat   4. Top with bicycle print

For girls, you could use the foot of a baby doll or big wooden beads as stamps. Alternatively, you could use stickers of their favorite toy characters to create silhouetted stamps. Also, girls often already have many stamps in their drawing kits, so why not use their favorite ones on a shirt? Or on a jumpsuit, seeing as that is an indispensable outfit this coming season.


collage stamping with toys

 1. Stamping with toy stamps   2. stamping their favorite toy characters   3. toy cars for making car tracks   4. stamping with building blocks

Lego inspired stamping

Stylish or not, a Lego fan needs special consideration. 😉 Although even this can be done in style. See the various ideas from bloggers on the Internet. You can use different techniques for making lego-inspired clothing. You could stamp the beloved blocks on clothes like pants or a shirt. You could use ‘freezer paper’ to paint a print on a shirt. If you are unfamiliar with this, then this tutorial clearly explains how. Or you could cut out a print out of flock foil and iron this onto the shirt.

If you choose to paint on the shirt with ‘freezer paper’ you could even let your child paint it on him- or herself. How cool is that? Making clothes becomes playing, the clothes become the toys!

collage 21. lego stamping   2. lego stamped shirts   3. lego inspired shirt   4. block shirt


And you could even stamp on the clothes so the clothes become toys itself. Think of a being able to disguise yourself with a stamped on moustache or looking a real lady with the help of a stamped necklace.  It’s up to you!!


collage stamping becomes toys

1. moustache stamp   2. Ladylike stamping

The Internet does not provide a great many ideas for using toy themed stamps, but I hope I have now been able to make you enthusiastic about stamping toy prints or using toys as stamps for your homemade clothes. Be creative! Did you think of stamping with food toys, tinker toys or mini erasers, rubix cube, magnatiles, etc? Looking forward to seeing how you will customize your creations during KCW!


KCW FEB 2016: toy fabric inspiration

MORE TOY FABRICS: by sarah from sarah cosper textiles

Hey Sewing world, Sarah here to talk more about fabrics printed with toys. Today we will look at building toys, games and toy characters based on books.

As Meg mentioned in the post last week, KCW has been a great inspiration to me and encouraged me to sew more than just a “one time wear” fancy dress or costume for my kids.  One year, KCW and the knit series on Made-by Rae encouraged me to try more kinds of everyday sewing and I hope this season we can inspire you to do the same!


Building Toys: Blocks, Legos, Teepees and Forts

One of my kids is a builder; Zip lines, forts, fairy houses and LEGOs are her thing.  Wouldn’t a Roller Skate Dress made in the Zip Line Rayon be a great everyday dress?


1. Brownstones  2. Interlocking Brick Wall   3. Zip Line   4. Best Fort Ever


Don’t forget the knits! Knits are a favorite of mine to sew because they are forgiving and comfy. Here are some toy themed knit fabrics that either slightly echo the idea of blocks or scream the idea of building. Make these into comfy stretch pajamas, t-shirts, skater dresses, hoodies and more.


1.  Green Modern Squares    2. Wildland TeePees   3. Mod Confetti Blue 



The sweet cherries remind me of Hi Ho Cherry O! What a lovely tunic that would make in the drapey Rayon! Parsley Pants made out of that card print for a kid that loves playing magic and card tricks would be kind of awesome.


 1. Cherries in Rayon  2. Black Playing Cards

Melody Miller and the Cotton and Steel team have so many great fabrics that lend to the toy theme. I encourage you to explore all of their fabrics, including the basics for all of beautiful colors you find in our favorite toys.

Melody’s Jacks and Viewfinder prints are so colorful and fun, they beg to be a detail on someone’s clothes. Imagine a coat made out of Anna Maria’s Baby in the Hood jacket with Viewfinder or Jacks as the pockets and some Wordfind as the main fabric or other details.  One in my size please.


1. Viewfinder   2.  Wordfind   3.  Jacks   

Video games

Meg’s amazing season banner with included the game controller and had me thinking of the days of being a little sister watching Super Mario and Zelda… eagerly waiting to have a turn (and as the youngest sibling, always a Luigi, never a Mario).


1. Super Mario Characters  2.  Zelda   3.  Super Mario Blue 

Toys based on Book Toys

Lastly I would be remiss not mention that there are many fabrics available now based on book characters – some of our kids’ first toy friends.  These fabrics make me all weepy and happy at the same time as I think of my kids growing up and growing out of these old friends. (You may have picked up that I am indeed, a sap).


1.  Knuflle Bunny    2. Polar Bear  3. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus  4. Paddington Bear 

So there you go for today.

You can do this! Make one garment or make ten! Remember, the sewing community is one of the most encouraging out there and our kids are THE BEST sewing audience. They think we create everything from nothing. They compliment us when that one part is all “twisty and cool like that” when you make a mistake. So start planning. I can’t wait to see what is to come!