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january 2014 kcw wrap up

kcw january 2014: wrap up

That’s a wrap!

kcw january 2014: wrap up 1. beards shirt by Brittany 2. flower blouse by Sewbido 3. tuileries dress by Teri 4. circle skirt dress by Shannon 5. sally dress by Tasha 6. mustache pajamas by Julia 7. cutie coat by Brooke 8. little betty top by Laura 9. celestial tee by Figgy’s

Another KCW has come and gone. I love how the internet explodes with KCW goodness–amazing handmade clothes everywhere you look! Honestly, I wanted to feature every single project in the pool! The creative energy you guys create each season is amazing! Not to mention the beautiful clothes that come from it.

kcw january 2014: wrap up 1. kaleidescope top my way by Julia 2. more hugs tee by Monica 3. floral hosh pants by Jess 4. signature dress by Emily 5. coral + gray dress by Eva 6. tiny path leggings and skirt by Renee 7. quilted sailboat skirt by Meagan 8. purple people eater dress by Holly 9. geranium/flashback mash-up by Erin

Even if nothing you started actually got finished, or the pants are two sizes too big, or life just got in the way of sewing, I hope you are inspired to sew for your children. The challenge is to simply sit down in front of your sewing machine and sew a little, then maybe a little more. This momentum feeds your creativity: the more you sew, the more ideas come to you, the more you want to sew! I hope that creative momentum stays with you!

kcw january 2014: wrap up

1.2. ruby red natty janes by Sabra 3. little mocs by Jess 4. toddler slippers by Heather 5. matching jordan baby t-straps by Grace 6. slippers by Anja

I just wanted to mention that there were a surprising number of shoes sewn this week! Is there a Kid’s Cobbler Week in our future? Probably not, but there are some things on the horizon. We are thinking of having themes for KCW. What do you think? Of course you don’t have to sew with a theme, but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of direction. Any ideas for a theme are also welcome ; )

Our contributors will be back next week talking about what themes emerged in this season’s KCW and also telling us a bit about why they sew. I cannot wait! If you are interested in being a contributor for an upcoming season on KCW, please email me at with a little paragraph about yourself and a few photos of what you’ve sewn.  Happy KCW!



kcw january 2014: day seven

kcw: day seven!

Welcome to the final day of Kid’s Clothes Week!

kcw featured garments for day seven1. pompom tutu by Marisa 2. heart knee patches by Jane 3. burnout raglan tee by Cherie 4. kitty tee by Holly

The last day of KCW is here! With Valentine’s day coming up I thought I’d feature some pretty pinks that popped up in the project pool today. You guys have made some absolutely stunning clothes this season! You might be covered in bits of thread, dirty laundry might be taking over your house, but I bet you are proud of what you did. Carving out an hour each day to do what you love is difficult and wonderful. You should be proud!

kcw featured garments for day seven


1. daisy sundress by Wagyu 2. ayashe skirt by Isabelle 3. striped knit baby pants by Kristin 4. faux fur vest by Jill

And all of you who couldn’t sew along for some reason or another, I hope you are inspired to join in the next challenge! I’ll be back later this week with a proper wrap up post for this season. You still have plenty of time (well one hour today at least) to finish up your necklines, hems, and photos. Make sure to add them to the project pool, so we all can be inspired by your awesomeness!

kcw january 2014: day four

kcw: day six

Welcome to day six of Kid’s Clothes Week!

kcw featured garments for day six

1. red raglan by Amy 2.corduroy hosh pants (with a tail) by Jane 3. dance sweater by Sacha 4. recess raglan by Tina

Day six already! How are you spending your hour today? Hemming? More hemming? Swearing off hemming forever? Or maybe you’ve caught the bug and are cutting into more fabric! It’s hard not to be inspired by the KCW community and all the gorgeous clothes they are making. But then again, it’s easy to be discouraged by it all too.

kcw featured garments for day six

1. gray striped bimaa by Nienke 2. skipper top with bling by Bethany 3. imagine gnats meridian coat by Sanae 4. refashioned cutie by Teri

The point of KCW is not to make a wardrobe full of handmade clothes–though sometimes that does happen. The point is to challenge yourself a little each day. If the challenge is just sitting down in front of the sewing machine, then so be it. If knits scare you, or you’ve always been afraid of making outerwear then maybe that’s where you need to push yourself.

For me KCW has always been about creative energy. When your creative energy is high, your eyes light up, you’re too excited to talk about your plans coherently, you must go make! That amazing energy is what I love and you cannot find it on the couch. It comes from making, challenging yourself to make more, different, better things. It’s hard! But give up and all that energy goes down the drain. So get up! One hour today, one tomorrow. You can do it.