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Jenn from A Jennuine Life on KCW

the first garment I ever made for my kids: Jenn

This post is going to be a little different than the rest of the first garment posts shared here by my lovely fellow contributors, as my first garment was not sewn.

Nursery 032

The first garment I ever made for my *future* kids was a knitted cardigan.  I began working on this, which is the cable yoke jacket from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss, when I was pregnant with my first daughter Arden in 2008.  I cast on before we knew what we were having, and I wanted a gender-neutral color besides.  Orange was the winner!

Arden Jean 087

 This and other knitting projects were my saving grace since I was put on bedrest at the end of my pregnancy for gestational hypertension.  This was pre-blogging, so my creative outlets were shared only with family, friends and Facebook!

October 039

I could not have chosen a better project – this little jacket has warmed both my girls from infancy on through toddlerhood.  With a turn of the sleeve it worked for Arden while still crawling and on through until she was about two years old.  Here it accompanies another Mommy made (and a first refashion) item – the 90 Minute Shirt from Dana at MADE.

October 042

I love the cables on the yoke!  I’m not a fast knitter, and I appreciate some details to keep things interesting as I knit and purl along.  This jacket has it all – seed stitch, cables, a cute collar, and some stockinette for some rest in between the details!

Hadley 4 Months 118

After a stint in storage, the sweater got to come back out to keep Hadley cozy.  Hadley was larger than Arden at the start and was able to wear it from about four months on.  She’s still big for her age and now at two and a half, Hadley is only a few inches shorter and about three pounds lighter than Arden is at five.

Arden's 3rd Birthday 067

Showing off her smoulder.

Hadley's 1st Birthday Party 015

Hadley even sported the cardigan for her first birthday pictures with The Party Dress I made using The Cottage Mama’s free pattern.

Sadly, the jacket is now too small for Hadley to wear, so I’m planning to hang it on a cute wooden hanger in her room as part of a gallery wall in her room.  Maybe some day it will pass on to one of them to dress their children in!

Jenn from A Jennuine Life on KCW

kcw trends: colors

When I started browsing through the project pool to begin preparing this post, I had a preconception that I would find springy florals and sherbert colors sprinkled throughout.  And there were those for sure, but I was a little floored that each page clearly showed the true color trend for KCW Spring 2014: Green and Blue.

KCW Color Trends

From lime green to grass to mint, blending on through sage, aqua and cornflower to rest again at navy blue.  And this was only a sampling of all the hues of green and blue – check out the project pool and see if it stands out to you as well!

And conspicuously lacking?  Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the year for 2014.  What are the odds?  So, did you participate in the unofficial color scheme for Spring 2014, or did you do your own thing?