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kcw october 2013: wrap up!

kcw: wrap up

kcw october 2013: wrap up

1. aquaman! by Jess by 2. richard scarry knight by Jacqueline 3. baby blue flashback by Kate 4. bimaa for the boy by Monica 5. mustard stripes dress by Sanae 6. komori by Dolores 7. striped skinny tee by Fiona 8. goat bimaa by Brienne 9. banjo shirt by Melissa


Another KCW has come and gone. I love that for a week the internet explodes with KCW goodness–amazing garments everywhere you look! And then, after cleaning up the explosion in our studios, we all settle down again, slowly plodding away at this or that project. The creative energy you guys create each season is amazing! Not to mention the beautiful clothes you create.

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kcw: day one

kcw day one: featured garments

1. a dress with a touch of gold by Lieve 2. back to school monday by Rita Pirolita 3. rosie dress and headband by Orsoka 4. skirt and legwarmers by Mareika


Day one of Kid’s Clothes Week is finally here! Did you prep like crazy? Or are you going in cold (like me)? It’s always exciting to wake up the first day of kcw to some beautiful finished garments already sewn up by those in other time zones. There were cute little dresses, whole outfits, and adorable legwarmers–with a matching skirt to boot! Go check out these and all the projects on the kcw community site!

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palak from the sewing rabbit team

Inspiration: Fall’s Natural Colors in Fashion

Hello, everyone! I’m Palak from the Sewing Rabbit Team, author of the blog Make It Handmade and the brand new – a frugal sewing blog all about sewing on the cheap!

Fall is my favorite season. Living in the south, it’s a brief break between a searingly hot summer, and winter’s biting cold. It’s the time of year where the earth gets to show off it’s true colors before resting at the end of the year. (It also happens to be the time of year I met my husband!)

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