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guest post: emily from emmmy lizzzy

Not too long ago, Dorie introduced me to Emily and her amazing sewing skills.  Emily’s blog is full of fantastic quilts (check out this one!) and you can usually find out what she’s up to on instagram.  When I asked Emily about her favorite pattern, I had no idea I would be in for such a treat. Emily made not 1, not 2, but 7 garments from her favorite pattern! Now that’s a favorite pattern! 


Parsley Pants

Thanks for letting us hang out on your blog today, Meg!

My favorite pattern comes from superstar designer, Rae Hoekstra – or Made by Rae, as you might know her.  Rae has some fantastically written, basic
patterns in her collection that can be changed up a million different ways to ensure that you can create tons of different looks – and never get bored sewing the same thing! 
Her Geranium and Flashback Skinny Tee are my go-to patterns to make dresses and shirts, so I’m thrilled that I can add a pants pattern to my arsenal.

I was lucky enough to get an early draft of her Parsley Pants pattern, and after sewing them up for the first time, I couldn’t seem to stop and ended up making 7 pairs in one week.


gray parsley pants

What makes these so awesome, do you ask?  First of all – they sew up quick.  Like, super quick! The Parsley Pants are a 2 piece pant pattern. So there’s only one pattern piece that you cut out twice – one piece for each leg.  And aside from the hemming and waistband, there are only three seams. 

The pair above was made with Essex yarn-dyed linen in black, and I took off 2 inches for the hem and added a floral cuff out of some Melody Miller fabric – a crazy adorable fabric combination that I have to credit back to Holly and her gorgeous art student tote.

velveteen parsley pants

You know what else is great about this pattern?  My daughter is wearing a 4T, and it takes just under a yard of fabric to make these pants in her size. Hence, velveteen pants for under $20.  I dare you to find a pair in the store anywhere close to that price (or this awesome)!

You can create so many different looks by changing up the substrates and options.  I just love the pintucks and the flat front option, so I went a little crazy with those.  However there are also 2 different pocket patterns included (my pairs show the pouch pocket), and multiple leg extras – such as a tuxedo stripe and kneepads.

linen parsley pants

Here’s another pair made out of a super soft linen, paired with a flashback tee top. Total Made by Rae wardrobe!

parsley shorts

It’s not included in the pattern, but how can you not think about hacking off some length and making shorts?  I had a remnant of this gorgeous coral bamboo/cotton corduroy (thanks, Karen!) and without measuring a darn thing, I squeezed in as much length as I could.  I probably could make these a bit shorter, but I think they work as pretty adorable bermuda shorts. 
In case you want to try this hack for yourself, I ended up cutting the legs off at about 16.5″ on a size 4T and gave them a 1″ hem.  The patch pockets are made from upcycled vintage sheets.

Parsley PJs

And finally, I went with the most basic version of the pattern – full elastic waist, no added frills – and sewed up three pairs of flannel pajama pants.  I let Phoebe loose at Joann’s and let her pick out the fabric herself.  I think she did a pretty good job!

The Parsley Pants pattern should be available soon. Rae’s hoping to release it next week, so stay tuned to her blog for updates!  I hope that you all love it as much as I do!