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monthly pattern releases: may 2019

May has been a bit of a whirlwind month around here! So much has gone off, both on and off the blog. That it’s crazy to think the month is almost up. And with that, comes the May pattern release wrap up! Man I feel like I might have missed quite a few this month since things have been so crazy, BUT nevertheless there are some good ones in here! We’re definitely seeing that switch toward warm weather clothes. And thankfully, here in Canada I’m also seeing that warm weather trend happening!!! And I’m pretty excited about sewing for summer now.

Pollywoggles released the Kluane Dress and Top, a sweetheart halter peplum top and dress that offers a couple different lengths plus a tiered maxi option.

Sofiona Designs released two patterns this month, first up is the Moss Hooded Dress and Top, it has great line detail options and an oversized hood option, with multiple length (top, mid and maxi). It would make a great casual dress choice or even a good beach coverup to go along with their other release, the Narwhal Swimsuit. This swimsuit pattern offers a one piece and a two piece option, the two piece is a high waisted bikini bottom with side panel options and both one and two piece come with a front panel option that can include a criss cross detail. I like the coverage on this one especially for my older daughter!

The Eli Monster has also released two patterns this month, both very similar but each has their own offerings. The Zoet Tee is a basic tee that includes a nipped in waist and slimmer fit, with a short sleeve and a ‘not quite cap’ sleeve option. Where as the Drop Tee is a basic tee that’s ‘not quite boxy’ but offers a great unisex fit. It also comes with short and long sleeve options and a great crew neck design.

New Horizon Designs came out with the Austin Tee, a classic fit knit tee that has a front V accent in the neckline and a split hem detail. Also comes with long and short sleeves. I’m interested in the neck detail of this one since it’s something different from a neck binding.

New Horizon also released the Melbourne Top and Dress, which offers a curved bust line, and multiple necklines, includes this criss cross neckline. The gathered skirt portion can be made in top, tunic, knee and maxi length, plus there are multiple sleeve length options as well.

Lowland Kids released the Tip Up Tank, a relaxed fit tank that ties at the waist made for table knits. It offers pocket, faux placket or full strip to give this top different looks. They’ve also released Joggers, a great basic jogger pattern that offers a size range from newborn to size 12. Meant to be a bit on the slimmer side, theses are a great staple! I’ve also seen a few shorts version pop up on different sewing groups and I’m excited to try these.

Heather Handmade has just released her first pattern, her pattern concept is to utilize a piece of clothing and how to upcycle it. Her first pattern, Upcycled T-Shirt Romper and Dress gives you the pattern pieces and tutorial on up cycling a t-shirt into a romper or a dress for your little one. This is a great option if you’re into upcycling, sustainable fashion or just starting out and not sure how to go about up cycling clothing for fabric.

Patterns for Pirates released the Minute Maillot, this is a great basic swimsuit pattern. A classic shape, it also comes with different back neckline options (low, mid or high) and a hip ruffle option as well.

Made for Mermaids come out with the Reagan Rash Guard, this rash guard comes in both regular tee length or a crop banded length. It also offers a ruffle detail for the raglan sleeve which make it fun a feminine. But you could definitely use the basic pattern (short or long sleeved) for boys as well! This pattern is part of their Mermaid Shores Collection. Which I’ve previously sewn up a pattern from here and enjoyed!

And finally, we have Made by Jack’s Mom that released the Fell & Dale Flat Cap, a traditional style flat cap that fits for sizes newborn-xl adult. This would make a great accessory to finish off any outfit!

There’s a few patterns I’m hoping to try out this month amongst what I’m already hoping to cut out but I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty much added all these to my future ‘to sew’ list!! What about you guys? Any patterns you’re excited to sew up?

Also.. If we’ve missed any pattern releases, please let us know in the comments!!!

giveaway week on KCW!

figgys + giveaway

The clothes that Shelly Figeuroa designs for her pattern company Figgy’s really stand out in this world of t-shirts and sweatpants. Figgy’s patterns are super chic, but are designed with real kids in mind. They are always simple and modern, but they have delightful details as well. They are constructed in interesting ways, but not impossible to sew. Most importantly they are comfortable and my kids love wearing them. 

Figgy’s started with a single pattern. Read my interview with Shelly to see that first pattern and how her company has grown since! At the end of the post you can to enter to win some fabulous Figgy’s patterns!

figgy's + giveaway on KCW

  • When did you learn to sew and who taught you?

My very patient mother taught me how to sew and I had a little help from the 4H too.

figgy's + giveaway on KCW

  • When did you first start designing your own patterns? Do you remember what the first pattern you made was?

My first pattern was the “Ella’s Bubble Bottom Skirt”. It was first just a skirt I made up and was selling on Etsy but Anita the owner of Sew to Speak in Ohio asked if I would make up a pattern and teach a class at her shop. That was in 2008.

  • How did you make the jump from making your own patterns to selling them? Was there anyone specific who influenced you?

I owe it to both Anita at Sew to Speak for giving me courage and Gina owner of Bolt Fabric for adding the heart. I took my little hand drawn pattern to Gina at Bolt and she sat down with me and told me everything that was good and bad. I’ve always thought of her as my mentor. I love that woman and wish I could visit with her everyday.

  • How has Figgy’s grown and changed over the years?

1000 ways and more. It’s been quite a journey of regret, mistakes, success and growth. I found that when I really was true to myself I was happiest. When I stopped trying to please people and just say yes to things I loved it flowed. I owe a lot to Karen LePage and Danielle Caine for teaching me so much about myself and design. I’m happy to say I’ve found what I truly love through the journey but it wasn’t always easy.

figgy's + giveaway on KCW

  • Figgy’s has gone from simple patterns to modern, fashion forward children’s wear. Can you talk about that a bit?

The change came with the idea of being true to what type of clothing I love. I’m not the “Ruffle” type of gal. I love clean lines with pops of unique. Japanese pattern books are extremely inspirational for me.  

  • What has designing and selling children’s wear patterns taught you about sewing? drafting? business? life? pick one or all 😉

The first major thing about selling children’s wear patterns is that you can’t please everyone and that’s ok. I’ve learned to pay someone to do a job that would have taken me 1000 more hours. It’s best to present for the people rather than sitting behind a computer learning new software.

  • What would you tell someone who wants to sell their own patterns?
  1. When someone pays you a compliment say, “Thank you,” because you deserve it.
  2. Schedule hours and stick to them.
  3. Don’t release a pattern until you feel 110% otherwise you’ll sit up nights worrying that something was wrong and its too late.
  4. Don’t share the date for release until everything is 110%, it takes the pressure off.

figgy's + giveaway on KCW

  • You are also passionate about teaching children to sew! Could you tell us a bit about the classes you teach?

Teaching has really taken over my life (in a good way). I LOVE inspiring kids to think outside the box and if they feel it then go for it! My classes have no real age limit or levels to them. If a child has never sewn before but wants to make a dress then I say let’s do it. I won’t make them sit through a load of projects that they could care less about. I like to grab them where their passion lies. My new book for C&T publishing was 100% inspired by the kids I teach and I can’t wait to share that with my kiddos.

  • Wait, a book?! Tell us more! 
I can only say that I have written a book for Fun Stitch Studio an imprint of C&T Publishing. The book will be released July 2015 and I can’t wait to share more. The students I teach were my inspiration. 🙂
  • Do you have any advice about teaching our kids to sew?

Purchase new machines with speed control. Nothing is worse than trying to teach a child on a machine that is so old and dusty it barely works.
Grab a piece of painters tape or washi tape and place it at the 1/2″ seam allowance mark. Direct them to place the edge of the fabric with the edge of the tape to help them learn to sew straight. Let them play with the decorative stitches for as long as they want. Sewing should be fun!


That’s great advice, Shelly, thank you!

figgy's + giveaway on KCW


Now I know you want to sew up some of these lovely patterns! Shelly has generously offered to giveaway the whole Heavenly Collection7 patterns that can easily be mixed and matched to create a whole wardrobe (a $70 value!). Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter by Friday Feb 6. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. One winner will receive 7 PDF patterns from the Heavenly Collection.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and Happy KCW!

Don’t forget to enter all the giveaways this giveaway week: Pattern Workshop, Scientific Seamstress and Sis Boom Patterns, Whipstich, Crafterhours, Figgy’s

inspiration: patterns {kcw fall 2014}

inspiration: patterns

Hello everyone! I’m Marisa from Melbourne, Australia. Some of you may know me from my blog, thirtynine. Today I’m hoping to get you thinking about the upcoming Kids Clothes Week with a selection of fantastic digital patterns, some of them tried and true, and some more recent releases.

While it’s fall for those of you in the northern hemisphere, here down south it’s springtime. I think of fall and spring as mirror-images of each other: both are transitional seasons, in-between times when the weather can be warm, cold or anything in-between (and if you live in Melbourne, all those things in just one day!).

The way I see it, what these seasons have in common is the need for layers. So here are some fabulous layerable patterns to inspire you as you start planning for Kids Clothes Week.


Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, rolled-up sleeves… shirts are the perfect trans-seasonal garment. Here are three super-cool styles to get you started.

inspshirts1. Maxwell Shirt  2. Charlie Shirt  3. Sketchbook Shirt


If your tastes run to the frilly and feminine, you’re in luck, because there’s plenty out there. Floaty dresses are perfect for mild days, and are lovely teamed with a cardi and leggings for cooler weather. If you like a sportier look, check out the Joey dress (centre) with its cute kangaroo pocket. I can just imagine my daughter stuffing that with toys!

inspdresses1. Bohemian Babydoll  2. Joey Dress  3. Charlie Dress

Shorts and skirts

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is mild enough for shorts – or perhaps you, like me, have a child who refuses to wear anything other than shorts all year round. Hey, even if it’s too cold for shorts, your girls can always layer them up with tights or leggings, right? Those Clover Shorts would look great as part of a cool-weather ensemble.



1. Clover Shorts  2. Kid Shorts  3. Sunny Shorts  4. Alder Skirt  5. Fiesta Skirt  6. 2+2 Skirt

Long pants

My son and daughter are united in their refusal to wear long pants, but if they weren’t so stubborn I would be making a beeline for those skinny jeans…


1. Small Fry Skinny Jeans  2. Parsley Pants  3. Kudzu Cargos

Cardigans and jackets

Cosy in fleece, or lighter in cotton, layer up with some of these cuties. And by the way, that beautiful woollen vest is a free pattern!


1. Aster Cardigan  2. Woollen Vest  3. Letterman Jacket

So – are you putting together outfits in your mind? Or just thinking about one or two key pieces? Whatever your taste, I hope I’ve given you some food for thought as you plan for Kids Clothes Week. Now go forth and print, tile, cut and sew!