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kcw guest post by sanae from sanae ishida

kcw plans: sanae

Hello! Sanae again, and today I’m here to talk about my winter sewing plans for KCW and the timing is perfect. I’ve been doing a lot of planning in general these last few days, and though I don’t always follow my plans, assembling ideas is one of my favorite things to do. Last week I covered some colors I’d love to incorporate in my winter sewing, and in the same way, I want to keep things simple and limit the number of items to make. In the past, I tended to get a little too gung ho and overwhelmed my little girl with photoshoot demands. We all know how that ends.


I’ve been sketching some ideas (I guess birds aren’t very winter-esque, but they’re kind of cute, no?). If you’ve ever taken a gander at my blog, you’ll see that I sew almost exclusively from Japanese sewing books and have quite the collection. I’m smitten with the styling and photography of these books, and the clothes and patterns are fantastic. For Christmas, I got several more Japanese sewing books, and I’m so eager to try some new patterns. I want to sew from these two in particular:


Left // Right

From the first book, I’m thinking of trying out this knit cardigan (love the oversized collar):


Plus this knit top with the asymmetrical collar. Maybe in heather grey or dusty pink?


And this jacket. The recommended fabric is fleece, but I’m thinking of using a mint green wool:


I like that this book has a lot of designs I’ve never seen before though not all are appealing to me (for example, one blouse has weird chest pocket flaps), and unlike most Japanese sewing books that go up to 120cm (approximately size 6) or 130cm (approximately size 8), this one includes 9 designs with sizes up to 160cm, and 21 patterns up to size 140cm. My daughter is squarely in the 130cm range, so I’m starting to run out of patterns that I can use without modifications/grading up.

And from the other book, I really want to make the mini dress version with the french sleeves:


Stripes would be adorable of course, but maybe a polka dot fabric? What’s great about this second book is that there are patterns for women as well, and there are some flirty tops and dresses I’d like to sew up for myself.

If I have time, I’d also love to try making my daughter a pair of jeans and a skirt. More long-sleeved tees and another pair of pajamas would be welcome, but stop me! I’m starting to veer out of control…

What about you? What are your winter sewing plans? Are you a plan-follower? Or do you like to diverge like I do?

Happy weekend, everyone!




kcw guest post by brienne from brienne moody

kcw plans: brienne

Hi again, Brienne here. How are you faring in this frigid cold? Are your holiday decorations stored? Have you swept up all of the pine needles and eased your children’s post-holiday illnesses? Well now that your home is in perfect, harmonious order; now that your sewing room has been professionally cleaned, the thread has been re-stocked and your fabric dream list has been ordered and processed, we can get down to business. Are you ready to make some art?

The title of this post, “KCW plans” does not have to mean:  “KCW list.” I’m not a stellar list-maker… I’m not a great planner. I am conscientious and punctual but when it comes to to-do style planning, I don’t know where to begin or where to end. Two ways that I have found to get around this are 1. a three dimensional inspiration collection and 2. diving in.

First, the inspiration “collection.”  Ideally, this could take the form of a board with fabric or knitted swatches, notions and other bits. Side note: have you heard of Felicia? She has a beautiful example of an inspiration board here.

I am a person who writes all over her wall in the sewing room and who curses hums quietly while her kids pour a whole jar of seed beads onto the floor while she’s sewing. The best I can do is to pile up some fabric to look at while I think. That will work too.

To get to figuring out what my littles need from KCW, I needed to see what they had and what they were already wearing. I pulled some of the pieces that they wear most frequently in order to get a visual picture of who they are in their clothes. Their Jam.001

1. Deer Mask (was a gift but here’s a link to something similar) 2.In Threes Cardigan 3.Upcylced Galaxy Flashback 4. Felt Pocket Necklace 5.Elf Hat 6. Goat Bimaa 7.Knit Skinnies

She lives in her bathing suit and tutu. She likes “warm sleevers,” pink and this humble little heart necklace that I made her last year. He is perpetually clad in a hat – sleeps in it, bathes in it, wears it all summer long. He likes to pull a hood up over the hat and wants to be warm. He’s craving some flashier duds. Both of them dig animal motifs or clothing that makes an interesting noise… I tied some bells onto their boots at Christmas and they’re still going strong:) From this three dimensional inspiration, I was able to better approach a more comprehensive list.

 KCW Plans 2

1. Bimaa 2. Flip Vest 3. Rae’s Button Placket Tutorial 4.Hosh Pants 5. Seraphic Pants (color blocking idea inspired by Noodlehead’s version) 6.Bandana Scarf Inspiration 7. Geranium 8. Flashback

The second way to plan that I have found works best for me is to – drumroll please…BEGIN. Yep, that’s it. I’m sorry, I wish that it were more poetic than that. But I find that so often I have excellent ideas in mind but out of fright or avoidance or some other phenomenon, the idea never comes to fruition. It’s the starting that’s the hard part. With that in mind, I’ve been testing out some ideas that I’ve had over the past couple of weeks.

Works in Progress.001

1. Seraphic Pant 2. Dress Pattern by Me 3. Ethereal Dress

Finally, it seems that I have a bad habit of guessing at their sizing. I would not recommend this. And I vow to do it no more! I measured my daughter recently and she spans like four different sizes. Her chest, one size, her height another. So in the spirit of getting organized, here is something that you can download and print.


If you can bear my humble sketch, you can tack the thing up in your sewing space for quick access to their measurements.

Please share what you’re planning. I’d love to know what you have up your sleeves and how you go about preparing for this rodeo.

Thanks for having me, Meg!

kcw guest post by laura from behind the hedgerow

kcw plans: laura

KCW plans - KCW guest post

Hi there KCW readers and happy new year!  I’m Laura from Behind the Hedgerow and I’m here to share with you some of my plans for this season’s KCW.

I usually make my plans while sitting in my little corner of Belgium and share them only with my cat and dog…or I would if I had a cat and dog.  In other words, I normally share them with me, myself and I so, to be here with other awesome, like-minded sewists is a real treat!  I hope you find at least a smidgen of inspiration – and I’d love to hear what you have planned.

For me, this season’s KCW is all about black and white.

I love colour and, in the past, I have been quite an impulsive sewist.  Like a magpie, I would make whatever caught my eye without much regard for practicality or versatility.

As I become more experienced and sew more than just the occasional party dress, I try to make garments that can be true wardrobe staples.  For me, black and white (or close to it) is the most versatile colour scheme – perfect to pair with all those existing colourful items.  There are so many prints, textures and patterns that can be layered beautifully with black and white as the base.

This isn’t only true for clothing.  While indulging in the new series of Sherlock (if you haven’t seen it, drop your sewing, close your laptop and start watching NOW!), I was struck by how wonderfully the stark black and white wallpaper melds with all the other colours and textures of the room.

sherlock collage

I want to achieve a similar effect with the clothes I sew for KCW.  In particular, I have my eye on these gorgeous fabrics.

black and white kcw collage

1.  Timeless Treasures: Sketch: Whiteblack.  2.  Heather Moore: Up Up and Away: Dark Red.  3. Lizzy House: Constellations: Moon Phase.  4. Robert Kaufman: Typewrites in Vintage.  5. Michael Miller: Stitch Floral Circle: Black.  6. Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes.  7. Petit Pan: Cotton Mikko Blanc.  8. Like a Dandy: Atelier Brunette.  9. Anna Ka Bazaar: Fabric Collin.

black and white kcw collage 2

1. Chevron Wool Heavy Coat Weight.  2. Kokka: Echino Decoro Animal Frame.  3. Kokka: Animal Friends: Pink.  4. Nani Iro: Spots.  5. Kokka: Echino: Planes.  6. Japanese Fabric French Terry Knit.  7. Liberty Print: Rossmore Needlecord: Jack and Charlie.  8. Michael Miller: Mod Cameras.  9. Michael Miller: Flight.

With all of this lovely fabric – full of patterns and textures – what will I actually make??  Well, I want to keep it simple – stick to staples and items good for layering.  I also want these items to be worn so I’m choosing patterns that are tried and true, that I know I can sew successfully and that will fit.  At the moment I’m still not completely decided but I’m fairly certain some of these patterns will be put to use:

And, if there’s time (ha!) I’d also like to design a few of my own items.  In particular:

  • A floaty gathered skirt with ribbing waistband
  • A thick jersey black and white striped tunic with square neckline, raglan sleeves and exposed front zip – saw something similar somewhere and it caught my eye.  I have no idea how to install an exposed front zip into jersey so this one could be interesting…
  • A simple sleeveless bodiced dress with peter pan collar and pleated skirt (similar to Oliver + s’s fairy tale dress, but slightly less full and fully lined).


So there you have it!  Like most KCWs it’s easy to get carried away with what can be achieved in one week.  Let’s see how these actually get played out!  Best laid plans and all of that…

Thanks so much for reading.  I’d love to hear your plans and maybe see you over at Behind the Hedgerow.  Thanks for having me, Meg.

Laura x

PS – I have three kids – one girl, two boys.  I feel a little guilty only planning for girl sewing – I know how hard it is to find great patterns and fabric for boys.  You can check out my Top Ten list of sewing resources for boys if you’re in need of some inspiration in that department.