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kcw prep by jenny from the southern institute

kcw spring 2013: day one

The first day of kid’s clothes week is here! I think Jenny’s picture up there pretty much sums it up: pattern tracing, pattern tracing, more pattern tracing. Prepping for the sewing always seems to take longer than the actual sewing!

If you are new to KCW and a little unsure how it works, or if you need a little reminder, head on over to the kid’s clothes week FAQ page for answers to all your questions. It’s only an hour a day. If you miss a day, don’t worry! You haven’t failed–no one is grading you on this! Find an hour the next day. KCW is all about momentum: little by little the creative momentum builds and by the end of the week you’ll be a sewing machine!

kcw day one prep collage


1. kcw {spring 2013}  2. Those pants this fabric  3. the official kids clothes week stack 4. cut and ready to go  5. pattern and fabric for kcw  6. planning

I love all the kcw prep photos that are popping up on instagram and in the flickr pool. If you are on instagram, be sure to tag your photos with #kidsclothesweek, so we all can see what you are working on. We have an instagram profile now too: @kidsclothesweek. Throughout the week we will be featuring photos there as well, so follow us!

kcw spring 2013: day one


1. easy piece pants 2. ayashe  3. oatmeal and leather 4. bear face stenciled tee 5. owl shirts  6. faux thai fisherman pants


There are always eager beavers who start KCW a bit early and those lucky ducks in different time zones who are a day early! They are always the ones with the first finished garments in the flickr pool. And there are some good ones in there already! Check out these beauties and then go make your own!