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2015 KCW winter sponsors

our wonderful winter sponsors

KCW would quite literally not exist without the support of our sponsors. I know when a company I like supports something I feel strongly about then I’m extra happy to buy from them. All of these companies stand proudly behind our beloved KCW!

2015 KCW winter sponsors

1. Scientific Seamstress 2. Paisley Roots Designs 3. Urban Sew (formerly the Fabric Stash) 4. Very Shannon 5. Pattern Workshop 6. Crafterhours 7. Made by Rae 8. Figgy’s 9. Whipstitch 10 Sofilantjes Patterns

These shops don’t have to support KCW, but in doing so they support you and your sewing endeavors. Whether you are just starting out or have been sewing forever, it never hurts to have someone cheering you on. The KCW community is here to cheer you on thanks to these wonderful women and their handmade businesses.

I’ve picked some favorite from each shop. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Follow the links and you are sure to get lost in a sea of beautiful fabrics and perfect patterns:

2015 KCW winter sponsors

1. Banyan Tee pattern by Figgy’s 2. Sweetheart dress PDF pattern by Very Shannon 3. tula pink–16th century selfie in sky from Urban Sew  4. charms double gauze plus dot gray from Urban Sew 5. All Spice Dress PDF pattern by Paisley Root Designs  6. Paisley Pants by Made by Rae 7. Sis Boom Ethan’s Button-up Shirt PDF pattern 8. Omni Tempore sweatshirt PDF pattern by Sofilantjes Patterns 

And to help you design your own patterns, sew with tricky fabrics, and put those gorgeous handmade clothes away:

2015 winter sponsors21. Creating PDF Patterns: from Sketch to Sale by Lauren Dahl 2. I-know-where-it-goes Drawer Sticker by Crafterhours 3. Sewing Knits without the Serger e-course by Whipstich

If you are interested in sponsoring KCW, you’re in luck–Spring season is just about to get started! Email us today at for more details. Happy KCW!


sponsors on kcw

summer sponsors

We are lucky to have such an amazing bunch this season! At KCW we are happy that we get to show off such an amazing array of pattern designers and fabric shops. No matter what your style or budget, I’m sure there is something for everyone in this collection of shops. Behind these shops are an amazing group of brilliant women, working hard to bring you very high quality patterns and fabrics–two things sewers couldn’t live without!

Please consider supporting them, because without their support KCW couldn’t continue.

amazing kid clothes patterns and beautiful fabrics1. Sew Modern 2. Fabricworm 3. Cali Faye 4. Warp & Weft 5. Sew Much Ado 6. Straight Grain 7. Brindille & Twig 8. Filles a Maman 9. Imagine Gnats 10. Fishsticks Designs 11. Made by Rae 12. See Kate Sew 13. Jennuine Designs 14. LouBee Clothing 15. Miss Matatabi 16. The Fabric Stash 17. Organic Cotton Plus


fall sponsors

kcw sponsors

1. City KidThe Fabric Shop 3. Big Little  4. Made by Rae 5. Imagine Gnats 6. Very Shannon


We will do our big wrap up this Wednesday so people can have time to upload all their projects to the kcw site (nudge, nudge). It was an amazing week! We could not have run such a successful KCW without our sponsors. And we are lucky to have such an amazing bunch this season!


kcw sponsors

1. Miss Matatabi 2. Zonen 09 3. Blank Slate Patterns 4. Mondays Milk 5. Hey June


We are small sewing community and we need to support each other! I think you will find all the fabrics, patterns, and handmade goods in these shops are beautiful and exceptional. After all that sewing, you deserve to get yourself something nice. Don’t you think?  😉