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fall sponsorship on KCW

Are you interested in sponsoring Kid’s Clothes Week this fall? We would love to have you! Sponsorship for KCW is in 3 month blocks: the month before KCW, the month during, and the month after. For this fall that means September, October, and November. All sponsor spots run both on the KCW blog and the KCW community site. There are 3 sizes available for sponsorship. All sizes are the same on the blog and the community website.


  • SMALL:  145 pixels wide x 125 pixels high. There are 20 small sponsor spots available, but the small spots are shared so only 6 will show at one time. They are randomized and all of them are not shown on each page load.  The small sponsor spot is $25


  • MEDIUM: 300 pixels wide x 125 pixel high. Only 8 medium spots are available and these are always visible. The medium sponsor spot is $75.


  • LARGE: 300 pixels wide x 260 pixels high. The large sponsor spot also comes with the opportunity for a sponsored post & giveaway the week before KCW!  There are only 5 spots available and the cost is $150. Large sponsor spots are always visible.

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