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Ok, Tara from Girl Like The Sea back here one more time for the post season of KCW. Do you ever wonder sometimes why you’re even sewing things? Especially kids clothes. I mean, if you’re sewing clothes for kids it probably means you have kids, in which case you probably don’t really have TIME to be sewing for kids. But you do it anyway don’t you? This post gave me a chance to think a bit about why I sew and make things.

What Makes Me Sew?

It’s a question I ask myself with frequency. Especially when I’m walking through Target looking at all the cute stuff that doesn’t cost much, especially in terms of time.

clover dress

There’s definitely a compulsion that comes with motherhood. I’ve heard enough moms say that getting pregnant/having kids made them want to start making things, to learn about eating better, to just improve and become better at doing. That’s definitely where it all started. I think it was a combination of wanting to be able to forge something for my baby with my own hands, learn a skill that I could use “just in case I need to”, and my innate creative tendencies making me do it.

Plus a lot of Martha Stewart at 10 am when my oldest was still a baby……that helped. Haha.


My experience in parenting for the past 5 years is that life becomes more chaotic, confusing, and impermanent as you add more little people to your life. You’re trying to make order and sense in the wake of tiny hurricanes. If you clean something, it becomes dirty as soon as you walk away. You’re not sure if your parenting methods are right. You’re not sure of a lot. One way I create order and permanence (to an extent anyway) is with sewing and creating.

I plan out, focus on, execute, complete, and look at a thing that is now three dimensional and useful. The unfortunate byproduct of all this creating is the terrible mess of fabric and crafty crap that I can’t seem to make order of unless it gets streamlined into a project and made into something. Oopsies.


But on top of all of that, it’s just fun.

But the question is: Why would I make something instead of just buying it someplace?


Because it’s fun


Because I can


Because I can make it in whatever color I like, with whatever graphics I like


Because my kids get to dream things up and ask me for them


Because I get to dream things up and create them


Because if the zombie apocalypse happens, and industrial life as we know it ceases to exist….someone will have to make the clothes



Because old things can become new things


Because it’s kind of a great feeling when I’m watching my kids playing outside and realize that they are both dressed head to toe in things that I’ve made them


Because I can put ludicrous and obscure things on my creations


Because sometimes I really can make the expensive things I like for cheaper than at the store


Because maybe this project will teach me something that will make me better on the next one



I make things, sometimes, so I can make things better in the future. And because if I don’t make things, I feel sad. Plus now that I know I’m capable of making something that I see in a store, it feels weird to buy it.

Not that I really need a reason to sew things…..

Other than “Just because”