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maartje from huisje boompje boefjes

kcw and me: Maartje

Hey everyone, Maartje here from huisje boompje boefjes. I’m so glad to be back on the Kids Clothes Week blog and  to kick off this new spring season. A bittersweet season that is, saying goodbye to Meg and Dorie after all those years of organizing these great challenges. But the future is looking bright! Anyway, Meg asked me to share my KCW thoughts with you guys, so I did a little trip down memory lane, are you ready?

The first time

Do you remember your first KCW time? I stumbled upon this great initiative in 2013. I had been sewing for just a year and started the spring 2013 challenge with a bit of cold feet. Looking through the flickr pool (the online community with project pool only started in the summer of 2013) with all the amazing clothes I just hoped I could keep up and sew my daily hour.

In that week it suddenly hit me there really is a sewing community out there. The thought of sewing together with hundreds of other ladies around the world in the same week was just the kick in the butt I needed to get things done. Okay, there was also this massive sewing fail, while adding pockets to a pair of jersey pants, but that’s another story.

I ended my first challenge enthusiastic and satisfied and I’m hooked ever since. The seasonal challenges really provide me with an extra incentive to make the necessary new items for my boys wardrobes. Here’s a little overview of some of my handmades over the years.

maartje from huisje boompje boefjes

2013 small fry skinny2013 jacob pants2014 study hall jacket, 2015 sleeveless vest2015 Johnny B good hoodie2016 arrow pants

Contributor round

Being a KCW addict, it was great to be able to give something back to this community and to participate as a contributor in the fall 2014 season. It gave that challenge a whole new perspective, being partly responsible for the success of the edition. Of course, there was no way that could have gone wrong, we had the best theme to work with; Story Books, remember that one?

maartje from huisje boompje boefjes

Pilot Pete Pants, Bedtime story PJsCharlie & Lola tee,  Willie Wonka and the Golden Ticket

As part of the team I also learned a lot from “behind the scenes.” Writing for the KCW blog got me out of my usual show and tell routine I did in my own little corner of the blogging world. It’s really satisfying to dig deeper and put more thought in writing a blogpost.

My favourite edition

How about the challenge themes, do you have a favourite, or is it just not your thing? I noticed the themes really give me an extra angle. It gets my creativity flowing, trying to at least adapt the theme in one of the garments I’m planning, without going overboard and making them into costumes.

My all time favourite edition was definitely the upcycling theme! There’s nothing more satisfying than making new things out of old ones you otherwise would have tossed away. I managed to sew quite a lot that edition!

maartje from huisje boompje boefjes

Aviator PantsPoloshirtPJs, Small fry skinnyHalf zip sweaterButton up shirt

I’m sure looking forward to this new spring edition and it’s fantastic theme! The future is near, can’t wait to see all of your makings in the project pool! And thank you Meg and Dorie for having me back here.