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it’s been a while!

Well well… it’s been quite a while hasn’t it?! I’ve been watching my kids grow up and with that… I had been getting this sense of ‘why am I sewing for them’? I was feeling a bit of burn out in terms of sewing. I was making these clothes and outfits because I was enjoying it, only for them to either not seem like they were appreciated, weren’t getting worn or were being outgrown so quickly. It made me feel like I had to sew at a faster pace to keep up with their growing, never mind trying to keep up with the daily life, where I ran from one place to another to drop them off at their extra curricular activities.

I was honestly feeling the burnout. I wasn’t seeing the point of sewing, something I had gotten into because I needed that creative aspect in my life. Something I loved because I enjoyed the process of creating a garment from scratch, the ideas coming to fruition, instead it brought me stress about ‘how much time’ I had to dedicate to it. And so I bailed…

And then life slowed right back down thanks to covid…

If there’s one thing I’m thankful for during this crazy past year, it has been the slow down of things. First, this obviously sucks for my kids, their hockey seasons were cancelled (twice now), my oldest daughter who’s synchronized skating team qualified for provincials never got to attend, and my youngest, well her first year of school (the year she’d been talking about for two years) got cut short. So I understand that it was a crummy year and I truly can’t wait until we return to some sort of normal.

But with it I decided to look at the positives, we started enjoying more of the little things together, like a family game night during the first few months… something that we didn’t have the time for in the past. Lots and lots of family hikes. We read books, spent lots of time together (in a good way) and just genuinely enjoyed the little moments.

And with that joy, that freedom and that time, my sewjo slowly returned. At first I focused on sewing things for myself, still am I fact. But it’s also brought me back to my sewing roots too. I go through my fabric stash and keep looking at the fabric that I had bought with my kids in mind. Knits that had cute prints that I’d never be able to pull off myself. Wovens that are so soft that my first thought might have been a pj for one of my kids.

All this to say… I’m back! I’ve seriously missed this sewing community. I know it looks a little different from the last time you were all here and that’s because we’re getting a fresh start and a fresh new look. We’re switching from the community site over to a Facebook group to share all our makes, which you can join here. You can share anytime of year!

I’ll also be putting together our seasonal challenges again! Our first one will be in the spring, and I’ll announce the dates soon. If you’re new here, you can find out more about the challenge here.

Now since I’m back, I figured I could at least share with you all something I’ve made too! To get back into sewing, especially for my kids, I always find a quick and easy project is the way to go. Something that doesn’t take too much mental capacity, that you could almost sew with your eyes closed and maybe just a quick glance at the instructions.

Of course to find something to sew, I first decide to dig through my stash of fabrics for something that would catch my eye. I pulled out three fabrics. Two of which I had a good idea of what I’d like to do with, one I had zero…

Like any normal person, I chose to go with the fabric that I had ZERO ideas for…. I felt like it was a good blank slate and the print of this Art Gallery Knit was just so cute and fun and spring feeling. I kept thinking about the spring/summer aspect and, maybe it’s the polar vortex that we’re currently feeling, but I just had to go with it.

I didn’t want to just do a plain tee, but I had it in my head I wanted to do some sort of top. So I grabbed the Pearlie pattern from Peach Patterns and decided to cut out a straight size 5 in the slim fit option. It’s been so long since I’ve sewn for these kids that I decided to skip my own advice to always check chest measurements and add length when needed. But that’s ok, even though it turned out a bit wider then I’d like, it still hangs nicely and there’s no gaping neckline.

The top has a sweet curved hem at the bottom with a touch of hi/lo. I can see why people LOVE this pattern. It offers just a few slight changes that you can really turn this top in a versatile wardrobe staple. I wouldn’t mind sewing a dress for the summer out of this!

Anyways, that’s it from me today! Happy sewing 🙂

kcw is next week!

SET SAIL TOP & a giveaway

Hi Everyone. It is Jolanda again from the Dutch blog jurkenenshirtjes to inspire you for the toy theme of this seasons KCW. For my inspiration post I could pick a pattern from Oliver+S. The pattern of the sailboat top gave me the inspiration to mix in the theme of toys. Also I definitely wanted to work with fabric paint. The sweater I have made is a sweater that is a toy in itself.


I love the vintage feeling of their patterns! Don’t you? I also had planned to make the sailboat pants, but I didn’t make it on time (I even just finished this project … whew, just in time. I’ll admit: I’m an infamous last-minute seamstress ; ) But I’m sure going to make a pair pants for the summer!


“Where did the fish go?”


“It’s over here!”


As a child I had my own sail boat and I enjoyed sailing with it. Maybe my son will also enjoy the sailing as much as I did one day. But for now he loves to play with his new sweater ; )


And remember: Do not go sailing when the weather is stormy!


Thanks Oliver + S for the great patterns and sponsoring this winter edition of Kids Clothes week! And to all of you who are going to join KCW next week: Let’s enjoy sewing and let the toys theme bring you back in time, just as it did to me : )



Comment on this post to win a digital pattern from Oliver + S and a yard of fabric from Sew Modern. There are so,so many fantastic prints in the Sew Modern shop. This sailboat top is a perfect pattern to experiment with prints (or add your own touch to solids) and it works equally well in knits or woven. You will have to spend many (glorious) hours pouring over all the gorgeous fabrics in the Sew Modern shop to just pick one;) 

sew modern giveaway on kcw

1.2. april rhodes path marker 3. birch fabric happy house 4. sarah jane sommer swan 5. anna marie horner enchanted 6. hit parade knits, cats 7. katerina roccella tentative dot 8. lizzy house butterfly box 

Enter by Thursday Feb 25. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. Winner will receive 1 digital patterns from Oliver + S and 1 yard of fabric from Sew Modern.

oliver + s giveaway on kcw

1. ice cream dress 2. carousel dress 3. school bus t-shirt 4. sailboat top 

Good luck and Happy KCW! 

guest post by jen from the sewing rabbit team

Tutorial: Piped Peplum Top Pattern

Hi everyone! I’m Jen from the Sewing Rabbit Team, and co-author of the blog Eat. Sleep. Make. with my sister-in-law, Shannon.

Shannon and I love to share tutorials and DIY’s that range from sewing, parties, home decoration, recipes, and everything in between. A major part of that “in between” for me includes sewing for my children because, as I’m sure many of you can attest to, they grow entirely too fast. And that means they need new clothes entirely too often. I’m so glad Meg hosts KCW every year because I need that little extra kick in the pants to sit down and add to my kids’ wardrobe!

As part of the Sewing Rabbit’s Fall Collection, I created a Piped Peplum Top DIY…


Peplum tops. I can’t get enough of them! I love that they’re trending right now because it was the perfect excuse for me to make one for my girl in autumn colors. To tell you the truth, I made 4 of these tops for my daughter because I couldn’t stop myself after making one. Peplum tops are flattering on both adults and children, but my daughter is especially fond of this particular shirt because the peplum does a little twirl when she spins.

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