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kcw is next week!

SET SAIL TOP & a giveaway

Hi Everyone. It is Jolanda again from the Dutch blog jurkenenshirtjes to inspire you for the toy theme of this seasons KCW. For my inspiration post I could pick a pattern from Oliver+S. The pattern of the sailboat top gave me the inspiration to mix in the theme of toys. Also I definitely wanted to work with fabric paint. The sweater I have made is a sweater that is a toy in itself.


I love the vintage feeling of their patterns! Don’t you? I also had planned to make the sailboat pants, but I didn’t make it on time (I even just finished this project … whew, just in time. I’ll admit: I’m an infamous last-minute seamstress ; ) But I’m sure going to make a pair pants for the summer!


“Where did the fish go?”


“It’s over here!”


As a child I had my own sail boat and I enjoyed sailing with it. Maybe my son will also enjoy the sailing as much as I did one day. But for now he loves to play with his new sweater ; )


And remember: Do not go sailing when the weather is stormy!


Thanks Oliver + S for the great patterns and sponsoring this winter edition of Kids Clothes week! And to all of you who are going to join KCW next week: Let’s enjoy sewing and let the toys theme bring you back in time, just as it did to me : )



Comment on this post to win a digital pattern from Oliver + S and a yard of fabric from Sew Modern. There are so,so many fantastic prints in the Sew Modern shop. This sailboat top is a perfect pattern to experiment with prints (or add your own touch to solids) and it works equally well in knits or woven. You will have to spend many (glorious) hours pouring over all the gorgeous fabrics in the Sew Modern shop to just pick one;) 

sew modern giveaway on kcw

1.2. april rhodes path marker 3. birch fabric happy house 4. sarah jane sommer swan 5. anna marie horner enchanted 6. hit parade knits, cats 7. katerina roccella tentative dot 8. lizzy house butterfly box 

Enter by Thursday Feb 25. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. Winner will receive 1 digital patterns from Oliver + S and 1 yard of fabric from Sew Modern.

oliver + s giveaway on kcw

1. ice cream dress 2. carousel dress 3. school bus t-shirt 4. sailboat top 

Good luck and Happy KCW! 

kcw is next week!

A ZIP LINE DRESS & a giveaway

Aside from resting my iron on my designers curve ruler when I thought it was on the cradle and thinking as my sewing room smelled funny “that old iron of mine has finally bit the dust” (hint: it had, because I was, at that moment, melting a ruler with it) my daughter’s dress was a lot of fun to make.

zip line dress on kcw

I was given a Franklin Dress pattern by Brooklyn Pattern Company and asked to use the theme TOYS. That pattern is a sweet dress with lots of beautiful details. The dress isn’t typical but still has a familiar, cozy and roomy feel.


I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that my daughter loves zip lines and makes them for her toys. For this project I made a denim dress that has subtle polka dots, a colorful bias tape neckline, and a tiny stuffed animal zip line. I chose a simple comfy fabric, and a sleeve change to suit this daughter (though I have a fancier Franklin cut out for next week with the original adorable puff sleeve and pleated bodice to suit her sister). We have had these little stuffed animals for a while now. Using a silk cording and hook and eyes I created an interactive dress that allows her favorite tiny animals to zip line across the dress.


And now my sewing secret… The buttons are sewed on and nonfuctional at the moment, with snaps underneath. As my sewing machine instructor taught me when I got my new machine, I made practice buttonholes. I practiced on scraps and interfacing (thank goodness) but it chewed the fabric and almost wouldn’t spit it back out. That function on my machine hasn’t been quite right since I broke a needle a couple of weeks ago.


The pattern is a PDF and the pieces went together smoothly. The notches allow for accurate assembly. The instructions with the pattern are simple and clear, but if you are a beginner make sure to use Erin’s sew along! For more Franklin dress inspiration, here is a link to every post about the Franklin dress on Brooklyn Pattern’s blog. If I find a pattern I like I will make it more than once and in several ways. I am dreaming up new ways to make this pattern and love Erin’s flutter sleeve I spied on her Instagram. I am eager to sew more her other patterns too!

 After emailing with Erin I asked if she could share a bit about her self.

SC: Why do you sew?

EKP: I sew for a lot of reasons. For a career. For a hobby. For relaxation. I really love the feeling of a finished product in my hand. It’s a fantastic feeling to see a dress you made on stage or your daughter running wild in one of your creations. That feeling extends to all crafts so I find myself constantly trying new things to satisfy that love. I’m knitting more, taking pottery classes and delving into screen printing.

SC: What was the inspiration for the Franklin dress?

EKP: The Franklin dress is inspired by the streets of Brooklyn. The vibe in BK right now is really relaxed and anything goes. Simple, fun, classic. I wanted to design a dress that could move with kids and either dress up or dress down depending on the fabric. The Franklin should be able to grow with the child as her tastes and height changes.

SC: What is next for Brooklyn Pattern?

EKP: I’ve got my hands in a lot of things right now including freelancing in theatre again. I’m working on a women’s version of the Henry dress and a few children’s patterns for the summer and fall.

A woman’s version of Henry?! Yes please!


Comment on this post to win a pattern & fabric combo made in heaven: the Franklin dress by Brooklyn Patterns and one yard of fabric from Miss Matatabi. A Nani Iro Franklin dress would be drop dead gorgeous, but what about using Cotton & Steel? Or Kokka? That polka dot rabbit print would be pretty perfect for a spring dress….


1. cotton & steel zephr 2. nani iro fukkra 3. window pane check 4. kokka ranrara rabbit 

Enter by Wednesday Feb 24. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. Winner will receive 1 digital patterns from Brooklyn Patterns and 1 yard of fabric from Miss Matatabi. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! 

brooklyn patternsGood luck and Happy KCW! 


kcw is next week!

SLEEVE DRIVING & a giveaway

Hi Everyone, it’s Anne again from Sofilantjes. I was asked to sew something up to inspire you. Hopefully I can.

Flashback Sinny Tee- Toys theme.

The last post I wrote was more about girls than boys, so I though this time I will make it all about the boy, my big Hero. For my inspiration post I was allowed to choose a pattern from Made by Rae.  If you did not check out her pattern shop, it is a must. She has some beautiful patterns. Plus a great blog to follow. I choose the Flashback Skinny Tee for my skinny almost 6 yo and she was so lovely to send me the Parsley Pants too, in case I wanted to sew it later on. So sweet!

Flashback skinny tee-Toys

I sewed up a size 6 with a little extra length. My son is the perfect size 6 in chest according to the size chart. It fits him beautiful and skinny, just like it should. I gave my son a cars shirt with his own road, traffic light and a car! If only I had a car like that….

The road is made by cutting a strip of black knit fabric and adding yellow stripes with a (paint)fabric marker. I sewed it on top of the sleeve with my coverstitch. The car is an iron-on I once received with a fabric order from Joyfits. The two-tone cuff is a hack of the normal 2″ cuff in the pattern. Looks easy right?! I am sure you can do even better than me.

Toys theme Collage

It’s save to say that he really loves this shirt. He wants to wear it again tomorrow. Thank you Rae for a great pattern and sponsoring this winter edition of Kids Clothes week.


Comment on this post to win the classic Made by Rae pattern combo, the Flashback Tee and Parsley Pants, as well as one yard of knit fabric from Imagine Gnats. Rachael has such a fantastic variety of knits in her shop that you could make a flashback tee out of each one of them and they would all be awesome! Here are a few that caught my eye. They would all look fabulous with a 2-color cuff, a technique I’m now itching to try out!! 


1. avantguard: chalk on charcoal in knit 2. cotton/lycra jersey in navy stripes 3. artisan: intertwill patience in knit 4. organic interlock knit: spots in navy 

Enter by Tuesday Feb 23. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. Winner will receive 2 digital patterns from Made by Rae and 1 yard of knit fabric from Imagine Gnats. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! 

made by rae & imagine gnats giveaway on kcw


Good luck and Happy KCW!