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TRAVELING modes to the beach // kid's clothes week

kwc inspiration: traveling to the beach

Hi, I’m Katrien. All the way from Belgium. I have two daughters, for whom I sew a lot. You can find all my creations on my blog: KaatjeNaaisels.  I think KCW  is a great initiative and look forward every time to see the great things that everyone creates! I’m exited that I can be a part of this great project this season.

I love  sun, sea and sand very much! Here in Belgium, the summers don’t count for much and therefore many of my fellow belgians travel to the sun. The beach is the ideal place for children to enjoy their vacation. Kids love water and it brings blissful cooling on hot days. Today, Ill give some inspiration for all who go to the beach this summer!


Swimming in the sea:

Of course, a kidwill immediately jump into the water when he or she arrives at the beach! When I think of swimwear, I think of bright colors and fresh designs. A nice bath cape can help to get your children out of the water when it’s time to go home! Swimwear is usually made of Lycra. Cool prints are not always easy to find, but with a little perseverance, you can find very nice Lycra.


1. Bath Cape by MadebyElke   2. Swimsuit at Zara   3. Pim pattern from Zonen09
4. Watermelon Lycra   5.Swimsuit at Mini Rodini   6. Dolphin Lycra


Playing in the sand:

After swimming (or in between), my daughters love to play in the sand. Building sand castles and making mud baths are their favorite activities on the beach. Comfortable, light clothing is ideal for this. Play suits are perfect for girls that like to run around and dig holes in the sand. For boys, shorts and a sleeveless shirt with a fun print is the perfect outfit to play! Soft knits and light cotton are the ideal fabrics for this.

1. Sand Castle fabric   2. Muscle Tee Pattern by Danamadeit 3. James all – in – one by Stella McCartney
4. I scream for Icecream by VanJansen   5. Sea Fabric   6. Playsuit pattern by Figgy’s


A walk on the beach:

As night falls, it is wonderful to walk along the coastline and see the sunset. A dress or pants with big pockets is ideal to collect shells! It may be chilly at night, but there are many nice coats for the summer! I love a soft color palate for summer dresses. For boys a big beach inspired print on a t-shirt is very stylish. Airy fabrics like double gauze, linen or voile are ideal to create comfortable but smart clothes.

collage-2015-06-11 (2)

1. Cotton + Steel double gauze   2. Ishi dress by SiskobyMieke   3. Outfit by Mini Rodini
4. Flamingo dress by Khadetjes   5. Dress by MorleyforKids   6. A’ nana’s polycotton

Do you already have plans for KCW? Can’t wait to see it! I hope I have been able to inspire with this post!

TRAVELING modes of transportation // kid's clothes week

kcw inspiration: modes of transportation

Hello, there!  I’m Audrey and my daughters and I blog over at Skirt Fixation.  If you already guessed we blog mostly about skirts, you’re right!  We also blog about all our crazy sewing adventures.  The girls and I are thrilled to be contributing to Kids Clothes Week.

My very favorite thing about the “Traveling” theme is how well it works for boys!  Besides my 3 daughters, I also have 4 sons, and they get the short end of the stick when it comes to my sewing endeavors.  Today I’m going to (try to) get your heart racing with modes of transportation ideas across fabric, patterns, and embellishments!  Let’s start with the easy-peasy; fabric.

Kids Clothes Week Fabric Inspiration

1.  Got Dirt fabric panel  2. Airplane fabric  3. Hot Air Balloon fabric   4.  Vintage camper fabric   5.  Echino scooters

One very easy and fun way to incorporate the traveling them into your Kids Clothes Week creations is to use transportation fabric.  Construction vehicles roll across the front of many ready-to-wear t-shirts, why not put the (sewing machine) pedal to the metal and make one?  Above the earth, airplanes ferry thousands of vacationers to their final destinations.  Some journey in campers, taking many comforts from home with them.  Others slow down and take it easy, floating along in a hot air balloon!  If traveling alone floats your boat, why not trek in style on a scooter?

Pattern Inspiration for Kids Clothes Week

1. Moto Jacket sewn by Melly Sews for Stylo, pattern by Go To Patterns  2.  Oliver+S Sailboat pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation using Passport Blueprint fabric     3.  Aviator Pants  4.  Haven Acres Mini Collection  5.  Motorcycle pants sewn by Max California

A little more subtle way to integrate the traveling theme into your Kids Clothes Week activities is through patterns.  A moto jacket fits the season for those of you in the southern hemisphere.  The Oliver+S sailboat top and skirt (or pants) pattern will have your little sailor hoisting the sails in style.  Their excitement will soar at a new pair of aviator pants.  Or how about some motorcycle pants (hacked from the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern) for cruising?  If you have a horse lover in your family, like I do, the Haven Acres Mini Collection will have them moving along at a  gallop.

Transportation embellishment inspiration for Kids Clothes Week

1.  Airplane buttons  2. Train Shirt  Pattern suggestion Oliver+S Fieldtrip raglan tee  3. Automobile footprint art  Pattern Suggestion: Classic Ringer Tee from Peekaboo Pattern Shop  4.  Submarine baseball tee tutorial from Make It-Love It  5.  Race Car shirt tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts  6.  Inkodye rocket ship tutorial  Pattern suggestion: Norah dress from Mouse House Creations

Maybe you’re in the running for some extra special transportation fun?  If you want to go above and beyond, try a sun print rocket ship dress.  Or stay beneath the radar with a submarine appliquéd t-shirt.  For a little humor and irony, combine a fabric paint footprint (the original mode of transportation) with some stenciled or freehand art on a custom transportation t-shirt they’ll love!  Those cute little airplane buttons would button them up perfectly.  The ultimate way to use the transportation theme would be an interactive race car shirt which would keep them busy during the trip as well!  An iron-on transferred train would be quick and right on track with the traveling theme.

I hope you’ve been inspired by these ways to use the transportation part of the traveling theme during Kids Clothes Week.  (And I hope you weren’t too annoyed by all the travel relate puns!)  Will you be using any of these ideas during kids clothes week?  I certainly have all sorts of plans now and hope you do too!

TRAVELING with a map // kid's clothes week

kcw inspiration: traveling with a map

Hi there! I’m Maria, I have a little blog called My Cozy Co, but today I’m here to captivate you with some great inspiration for the season theme.  During the phase of brainstorming to write this post, the idea of maps as source of inspiration was definitely the topic that caught my eye.  Before having kids I used to make maps to earn the bread AKA it was my full time job for many years and I enjoyed it lots because fulfilled  both sides of my brain (research + art=Fun).

I believe maps are a very important part of travelling.   I know now we have GPS (Global Positioning System), but the old paper map always will be handy.  Not only to give you info about where you are, but also it gives you a better sense of the whole landscape.   How we can translate maps into Kids clothes? Well, bear with me and you will see.

Using vintage and modern maps:

Very much in trend for this summer is the use of fabric with the entire globe printed. You could choose between very modern and old style maps to make any kind of garment for your kids.  From t- shirts to dresses, skirts, trousers and even a rain coat would be fun!

Using Vintage ad modern maps

 1A-form dress : “Mapa-mundi” by Anna Bianchi  –Pattern suggestion: Debbie’s Birthday Dress pattern by Sewpony Vintage. 2. Map Skirt by Miszkomaszko 3. Het “In stijl op reis!” – kleedje! – Pattern Suggestion: Caroline Party Dress by Welcome to the Mouse House 4. Vintage Map Trousers by Alvierio Martini –Pattern suggestion: The Morocco Pants and Shorts by Petit à Petit and family 5Double Layer Ruffle Skirt by Skirt Fixation 6. Croco Map Print Tee by Mini Rodini –Pattern suggestion: Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads

I did a search for fabrics also and these are among my favorites:

Suggested fabrics maps

 1Manhattan’s Dawn by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics 2Passport London Map Black/White by Moda Fabrics 3Vintage Map of the World Fabric 4. World map 5Barcelona  City Map by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic. Moda Fabrics 6Boston watercolor map fabric

Using cartography features:

To expand further on my love of maps, here are some more subtle inspiration related with maps and map making. Satellite imagery is widely used as a source in the making of maps, Gingham fabric remind me to map grids (Latitude/Longitude) or even a city map. While the topographic lines show the heights above the sea level or the depth under the sea level.

Cartographic features

1. Due Fashion digitally printed tops Pattern Suggestion: Tumble Tee by Imagine Gnats 2Gingham  dress by Petit à Petit and family  3The Ava sleepsack  by straightgrain 

Some fabrics for delight and use maps in subtle way:

Suggested fabrics cartographic features

1. Campeche Satellite images  2. Kokka Nani Iro Japanese Fabric Painting Check  3ocean depth map 

 If you are going to incorporate maps in your creations for this season, a fabric with printed maps is not the only option. What about using paint fabric and stencils , appliques made with contrasting fabric/patchwork or print your own maps/ images you can download from the USGS website (for Satellite imagery) or the graphics Fairy (free royalty vintage maps) and attach them to a T-shirt?.

What do you think? Have I persuade you to use maps in your Kids Clothes this season? I hope so and I’m looking forward to see what you make!