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inspiration: summer colors

Hi, Kristi here, from SweetKM. Let’s kick off this season of Kid’s Clothes Week with a little chat about color. I make no secret of my love of color (on trend, or otherwise). Kid’s clothes only last a season or two, which frees sewists and designers to really embrace fun color trends. You may not want to invest in a neon orange button down for yourself, but your kid can wear one with no lasting damage to his/her closet space. Here are the hues that are on my mind for summer sewing:


Yellow All1. dress  2. shorts  3. dress  4. button down  

I love yellow. It goes with just about anything, making it deceptively versatile. Even the most yellow-phobic person can wear a  dab of it to brighten up their look. My kids wear a ton of blue, and yellow is our accent color of choice. It’s a great way to add a little pop to gray or navy.

Yellow Fabric All 21. abstract  2. stripe  3. floral


Indigo all1. dress  2. swim suit  3. pants  4. t-shirt

 Surely you’ve seen the Shibori dye trend around. The art of Japanese resistance dying is the sophisticated older sister of the tie dye t-shirt you made during spring week in college. I’m totally smitten and can’t wait to try it for myself. The end result looks primitive and modern all at the same time. The inherent color variation is a refreshing hint of handmade in a computer generated world.

Indigo Fabric All 21. waves  2. abstract  3. grid


Pale Hues All1. dress  2. t-shirt  3. eyelet dress  4. ruffle dress

Pastels are nothing new. This season the trend is toward cool shades with gray undertones. The washed out finish of pale pastels create the look of being sun bleached or fresh from the beach. This is an easy trend for girls, but a boy in a fresh shade of pale lavender is just a tiny bit daring.

Pale Hues Fabric All 21. peach  2. teal  3. pink


Chambray All1. dress  2. pants  3. romper  4. shorts

Okay, okay, I know I’ve already used blue, but in my mind shibori’s bold indigo and the subtle hues of a classic chambray are totally different. For years I have been reaching for chambray when I wasn’t sure where to start with a sewing project. Its got great colors and subtle textures that make it work like a neutral. Chambray of any shade is still going strong for the summer wardrobe, while it isn’t technically a color, I think its popularity justifies including it here.

Chambray fabric all 21. dark blue  2. sky blue  3. dot

What colors are stuck in your head this summer season? Black? White? Acid green? Check out my first of many KCW Pinterest boards to see more summer color inspiration.