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boy swimsuit trends 2019

Hey guys! As part of the next two swimsuit weeks, we’re dedicating this week to boys, and today, we’re discussing trends! It’s hard to trend boy’s swimsuits. Styles seem to stay pretty consistent throughout several years for boys. Which is nice, since if you’re one of those that sew so that things last more then just one summer, that means that your makes will last a long time and still in style!

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Even with boys, there’s quite a few different styles you can opt to go with, be it shorter board shorts, a knee length short, a tighter brief or speedo look or even a one piece. There’s just a lot of options available and it all comes down to what style you’re looking to do. I’ve noticed a lot of blues this year in what’s being sold in store and it reflects in the trends pieces I found online as well. Like the above pictures though, it’s also nice to see little pops of more muted colours as well, be it with tone on tone blues like on the right, or a fun print of pastels with a quirky print like in the middle picture. I’m also digging seeing a bit of pink on blue like on the left and those mini stripes and purple! For those that are worried that it would be to feminine, the cooler tones still give it a boy vibe, and sometimes slight print can also add to that.

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One of the things that always seems to be popular with boys are shark prints! Sharks are a definite symbol of going to the beach, they’re on almost everything from floatie and waveboards to sunglasses and chairs, so why shouldn’t they be on swimsuits as well?!? And honestly, what boy doesn’t like sharks?? Again, you can find shark print on blues, but it’s also fun to see thing in other colours as well, a gray for example, even a non traditional, bolder colour would also make for a fun swimsuit!

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And finally stripes!!! You can never go wrong with a striped swimsuits. Every year, new colour combinations seem to pop up and bring these swimsuits to life. From ombre toned suits, to a bolder colour combination and even adding a prints in the mix like the black and white trunks on the right. You can use these as inspiration to create your own colour blocking or you can find a stripes print that suits your needs. This is probably one of the more versatile looks that you can find!

I hope this has helped to inspire you to sew some swim trunks! Check back tomorrow for some pattern inspiration to help bring your ideas to life. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for your chance at one of these amazing prize packs!

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trends: going bananas

I was at the store with my oldest son a few weeks ago when I noticed that there was a shirt with a fun banana print on it… and I thought it looked pretty cool. Meanwhile, my son picked up a more basic tee but it also came with a banana printed tie. Which made me wonder… are these the new fruits that are dotting the clothing landscape?! So I, of course, turned to my 11 yo son to find out if this might be the case… His answer was a definitive yes!! Well now, not that I don’t trust his judgment, but I went on the hunt to see if I might be able to find this in more then just the one store, and man did I find a lot of examples of this trend!

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What I’ve mostly found is that this trend uses classic shapes, like a button up shirt or dress, a basic boxy sweater, but throws a quirky spin on it with the use of a banana print. Wether it’s tone on tone or bananas on a white or coloured background, it gives it a more youth and fun appeal. I’ve even found a few examples of plain tees with fun focal graphics with bananas, like the one with the shades in the example above.

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So I went digging through the web to find you the best banana fabric out there! There’s options for both knits and wovens, flashy colours and more traditional ones… And if you don’t want to go full out on the banana print, I even found banana leaf fabric!! My youngest son shocked me a bit by saying the fuchsia pop art print was actually his fabric out of the bunch. He loved the way the colours were used in it.

Some great pattern options to help recreate these looks could be the Bookworm Button Up by Blank Slate Patterns or Friday Dress by Petit a Petit & Family if you’re looking for the classic button up shirt or dress options. If you’re looking for a baby onesie option, Puperita has the Catnap Romper that could work for both woven and knit fabrics. And finally for sweaters and tees, Misusu Patterns offers the Rowan Tee, a free boxy sweater pattern or the Basic Tee by Lowland Kids would make for a great base to customize any shirt with.

I’ll definitely be planning on making something with this trend for the upcoming season of KCW, although I’m not sure yet what I’ll decide on. Seriously debating between the fuchsia shirt for my youngest son or a classic button up dress for the youngest of all! What about you… what do you think of this trend? Do you plan on going bananas anytime soon?

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kcw trends: colors

When I started browsing through the project pool to begin preparing this post, I had a preconception that I would find springy florals and sherbert colors sprinkled throughout.  And there were those for sure, but I was a little floored that each page clearly showed the true color trend for KCW Spring 2014: Green and Blue.

KCW Color Trends

From lime green to grass to mint, blending on through sage, aqua and cornflower to rest again at navy blue.  And this was only a sampling of all the hues of green and blue – check out the project pool and see if it stands out to you as well!

And conspicuously lacking?  Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the year for 2014.  What are the odds?  So, did you participate in the unofficial color scheme for Spring 2014, or did you do your own thing?