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WILD THINGS: feathers // kid's clothes week

WILD THINGS feathers

Hi again! I’m Lisa from Mabey She Made It, and I’m back for more inspiration fun. This time, we’re talking about feathers on kids clothes. And while my mind automatically goes to Halloween costumes and flapping wings, I didn’t want to focus too much on that aspect. Instead, I wanted to find some other ideas that could be used year round.  I think you’ll have lots of fun looking through the ideas and tutorials I’ve put together for you today.


One of the recurring themes I found while looking for clothes with feathers was creating a feathered look on shirts and fabric using different techniques. It was fun to see the different methods used including a bleach pen, markers, and stamps. I also loved the feel of the fringed sleeve that would flap and flutter like a feathered wing. Ignore the women in these photos, these techniques are great for boys, girls, and babies alike.


1. Bleach Pen Feather, 2. Marker Feather, 3. Fringy Sleeve, 4. Stamped Feathers

And what if you just want to add some feathers along the way? Here are some amazing ways to add feathers using fabric and embroidery. The raised fishbone stitch would be so amazing on a placket or for added detail somewhere on kids clothes and would hold up well in the wash. The turquoise Handmade Feather below would be fun to add onto things like accessories that wouldn’t need to be washed.


1. DIY Fabric Feathers, 2. Raised Fishbone Stitch, 3. Handmade Feather

Winged Boys

How do you take feathers (which are typically light and fluffy) and make them more masculine? How about safety pins, leather, and amazing appliqué that makes being a boy magical and masculine.


1. Safety Pin Wings, 2. Leather Feather Vest, 3. Feather Sweatshirt, 4. Eagle Coat

Feathered Girls

Feather boas and feminine detail are the name of the game here. I think we all know that kids can be hard on their clothes, so incorporating delicate feathers is both fun and challenging, but they’re kind of irrestistable. I love the feathered hemline and skirt of 1 and 3 contrasted with the structured petals and ruffled bustle of 2 and 4. Both sets evoke the feeling of feathers and wings, but in completely different ways.


1. Feather Boa Hem, 2. Petal Dress, 3. Feather Tutu, 4. Bustle Skirt


And last, but not least, let’s add some accessories! Because feathers make me feel fancy and fancy = accessories in my book.


1. Costume Wings, 2. Magical Wing Shoes, 3. Leather Feather Cuff

So what do you think about these ideas? How would you incorporate feathers or wings into your kids clothes?



WILD THINGS: ears // kid's clothes week


Hi everyone! It’s Sara again from Made by Sara. Miranda and Diana already shared a lot of cuteness in their posts on animal faces and animal (faux) fur, and today I am sharing with you some ideas on how to add some lovely animal ears to your kids clothes and accessories!


The most obvious way to add ears to your kids clothes is to make it on hoods right? Right. But there are some other cute ways of adding ears!


1. Wolf ears hooded coat made by Girl Like The Sea, with tutorial;

2. Bear ears hood made by Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts, using a Japanese patttern from the book Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids;

3. Panda hooded tee made by Huisje Boompje Boefjes, with the Rowan tee pattern by Titchy Threads;

4. Bunny butt pants made by Swoodson Says.



5. Hooded sweater by Talc, pattern suggestion to get the look: the Mulberry Tunic pattern by Kid Approved;

6. Panda raglan tee made by You and Mie, with tutorial;

7. Animal sleeves made by Suburbia Soup, with tutorial;

8. Cape with ears by Les Zigouis, pattern suggestion to get the look: the cape pattern from “Little Things To Sew” book by Oliver + S.



I just love accessories, both for my kids and for myself. They can add that special touch to a simple outfit and make our kids look like they are straight out from a high-end brand catalog. Not to say that every kid loves animals and would certainly be jumping up and down with excitement when given the chance to go to school with any of these options. (And who can blame them really?)


 1. Faux Fur Hood made by Lemom Squeezy Home, with free pattern;

2. Animal Head wraps made by The House That Lars Built, with free pattern to make lots of different animals;

3. Bunny Ear Headbands made by Twirling Betty, with tutorial;

4. Eared Hat made by Glitter and Wit, self-drafted;

5. Hooded animal scarves made by Friends Stitched Together, with tutorial; 

6. Bunny toddler backpack made by Sew Much Ado, with free pattern.



Some of the options above require you to use your crafty juices and draft your own ear add-on, but for those who don’t feel so adventurous there are some PDF patterns that already have animal ears so all you need to do is follow the pattern and instructions and you will be able to make something fun!


1. Animal Ears Fleece Hat pattern by Tie Dye Diva;

2. Chic Cocktail Swing Coat pattern by Heidi & Finn, made by Handmade Frenzy;

3. All in One Hooded Scarf pattern by Heidi & Finn, made by Kimmie Sew Crazy;

4. Sweet Pea cap pattern by Jennuine Design, made by Deux Souriceaux;

5. Elm Rain coat pattern by Petit à Petit and Family, made by Sewing Like Mad.


I can’t wait for Kids Clothes Week! It’s less than two weeks from today! (Yay!) I already have (too) many projects piling up on my cutting table, inspired by all these KCW contributor’s posts. I only wish days could have 48 hours on that week… I am always a bit ambitious on every KCW (and I bet I am not the only one, right?), so let’s see what I can come up with this season.

What are your plans for this KCW? Are you already choosing fabrics and printing patterns?