The Frugal Scholar Jacket


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Sewing Notes

  • Did the fabric you used work well?: It was decent. The ultra cuddle didn't slip as much as I expected it to against the sweatshirt fleece and the twill added the weight and stiffness I needed for the zipper placket.
  • How did the sewing go?: Fairly well. I did have to rip out a few seams as I went along. And I didn't plan to sew elastic into the bottom hem of the jacket, but the fabrics dictated that something needed to be different with the hem line.
  • How difficult was the sewing?: required thought

Pattern Notes

  • Were the instructions clear?: yes
    For an intermediate sewist. I found the pictures in the instructions to be clear, but I was somewhat lost by the writing.
  • Were the fabric recommendations correct?: n/a
  • Did you make any changes to the pattern?: yes
    Zipper instead of buttons. Elastic waist hem. One piece collar. Fully lined jacket.
  • Did the garment fit well?: yes
  • How would you rate this pattern?: 3