White Newborn Set

  • SEWN BY: katielukas
  • PATTERN: self drafted
  • SIZE: 0 - 3 months
  • FABRIC: Waffle Knit from Nature's Fabrics and a pointelle knit
  • SEASON: Winter 2014

Project images


Sewing Notes

  • What was your inspiration for this project?: Ottobre - I adapted a couple of their patterns to get what I wanted, and edited Made by Rae's BBB Pants too, so I'd say that and winter, by and large.
  • Did the fabric you used work well?: Worked perfectly. It's January in New England and I am due two days ago, so this baby needs some warm stuff. The waffle knit I used is extremely soft, as is the pointelle.
  • How did the sewing go?: Mainly fine. The sweater and pants turned up a bit bigger than I wanted, and lining pants is not my strong suit, but it was all all right in the end.
  • How difficult was the sewing?: required thought


This set is so clean, crisp and adorable!
- bonnie-ms
Thank you!
- katielukas