Upcycled Superhero T-shirt Cape


Project images


Sewing Notes

  • Did the fabric you used work well?: Perfect - warm enough for winter months.
  • How did the sewing go?: The flashback skinny tee is a breeze to sew up and adding the cape was only fractionally more difficult. A quick, easy, cheap and satisfying project. I also added some fuzzy flocking - another fun addition to sewing projects.
  • How difficult was the sewing?: super simple

Pattern Notes

  • Were the instructions clear?: yes
    I used the basic skinny tee pattern and sewed the cape directly into the shoulder and neckband seams.
  • Were the fabric recommendations correct?: yes
  • Did you make any changes to the pattern?: yes
    Added a cape and a number 4.
  • Did the garment fit well?: yes
  • How would you rate this pattern?: 5