Teal September Tunic


Project images


Sewing Notes

  • Did the fabric you used work well?: It was perfect!
  • How did the sewing go?: It was a lot more simple than I imagined and I managed to sew this up in about an hour!
  • How difficult was the sewing?: super simple

Pattern Notes

  • Were the instructions clear?: yes
    The tunic looks so professional and classy in the photos, and I was pleased that the instructions were not as intimidating as I thought they might be! I even braved doing my first ever blind hem!
  • Were the fabric recommendations correct?: yes
  • Did you make any changes to the pattern?: no
  • Did the garment fit well?: yes
    Eddie is probably more of a 12month old size, but the size 2 fit very well. I want to make her clothes that she will be able to wear for a long time, and I think as she gets taller and loses her baby chub this will still fit her pretty damn well!
  • How would you rate this pattern?: 5