The Spring Chicken Pinny


Project images


Sewing Notes

  • What was your inspiration for this project?: My daughter was the driving force behind this creation, I wanted her to follow in my footsteps of creating. She helped with the decision processes throughout this garment. The style is a modification of The Pinny Family pattern that I have created (tinman patterns). With Easter just around the corner we wanted it to have a feel of Easter.
  • Did the fabric you used work well?: Fabric worked a treat for this. Love the combination of prints with the bias trim breaking it up, and the weight and handle of the fabric works well for this style.
  • How did the sewing go?: When you let a 5 year old help with cutting out the pattern and fabric you need to expect a few challenges. This is a really simple pattern that comes together easily. I enjoyed the sewing process.
  • How difficult was the sewing?: super simple


I love the combination of fabrics! and I love that you let her be a part of the making!
- elsiemarley